Building A Successful Business

Yesterday we had Thanksgiving dinner at my home. I spent a good part of the evening in an interesting conversation with my cousin’s husband, George. He is a brilliant computer programmer.

A few years ago George got a big buyout from a top corporation. Finally, in his early fifties, he didn’t have to work for anyone. He felt he was finally able to live the life he wanted.

He had a great idea for an e-commerce business. With his programming expertise, he started to build his e-commerce website. He tried to negotiate a deal with a website host, who had the large server capacity he needed. However, the potential host thought the idea was so good, he asked for a large percentage of the business. George was so put off by this request, he stopped building his site. I listened to what seemed like a million and one reasons why he has not completed and pursued his business idea.

It was fascinating and frustrating to listen to George. He often used the statement “let me bore you a little,” almost apologizing as he went into his fervent discourse about his business idea. He said “it would have worked.” Interestingly, he never said “it will work”.  I pictured him sitting under a tree reminiscing about the brilliance of what he sees, and why this would have been his most lucrative accomplishments.

I kept trying to bring him into the present, showing that all that he sees is not somewhere back there. It is still here. I had to say this a few times. He got it. However, trying to keep him in the present seemed almost like trying to out-talk a politician.

In my sweet chastising way, I finally said to him “the only thing that bores me, is when people talk endlessly about great ideas and never act on them.” He got the message.

The conversation seemed to leave George in an excited mood, ready to act on his idea. He made a commitment to complete his web-commerce site by the end of the month. The date doesn’t matter much to me. What is most important is that he continues to be excited and makes serious progress towards his business launch.

We (and I say we because this is not just about George) must be aware that most small businesses fail. I believe the main reason is our inability to believe in our success, and vigilantly move forward on every aspect of our business (planning, marketing, managing, laws, staff, etc.). Therefore, this week I am going to focus on highlighting reputable sites, which promote small business success.

For George, me, and others like us who envision entry into the internet business, I recommend perusing the resources at the Industry Canada’s web page ebiz.enable. The site covers various subjects, such as competitive intelligence, e-payments and selling on-line, and sales and marketing. A site like this is a definite must, if we are really serious about being all we can be in the internet market place.

It is one thing to say that we are not George. It is another thing to show that we are not George.

Copyright © 2010 M. Dawn Armstrong. All rights reserved.

Author: Dawn Armstrong

I provide information and inspiration to help people achieve their goals and go after their impossible dreams. As a research and communications specialist, I research, write and work with others; and with God as our guide we confront the inevitable setbacks, find our true selves, and achieve our greatest desires.

2 thoughts on “Building A Successful Business”

  1. If…. for the only reason you lived on this earth one more day …..was just ti inspire only ONE person….the KNOW you have been BLESSED….My blood…My sister……
    My friend……. Continue to Inspire…and Aspire

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