Optimism and Creating a Great Day

People love people who are optimistic and can be counted on to brighten the environment around them with their infectious mood. Optimism is a soft skill that can move mountains. How do you put yourself in a good mood? Here is how I use exercising and music to celebrate, and see, the good around me.

This morning I was in the basement of my home,  doing my usual thing, exercising on my recumbent bike. I was propelled by Luther Vandross’ album “Dance With My Father.” When I came to the song “Lovely Day,” also featuring Busta Rhymes, I went bonkers. I couldn’t get enough of it. I must have played it at least 5 times, while I danced on the stationary bike, like a woman possessed with joy. I felt the perfection of the world around me, and knew it would in fact be an awesome day.

When I went upstairs, true to Busta Rhyme’s words, there was not a cloud in the sky. The sun shined beautifully on each home, the naked trees, and the snow-covered streets. Moreover, I soon learned that “Justina”, the teenager I wrote about not too long ago, had a very successful brain tumor surgery, and she is recovering well. Somehow, I already knew it. There will be even more to celebrate today; my spirit is open to seeing it all.

One thought on “Optimism and Creating a Great Day”

  1. I’m happy to hear the wonderful news about Justina. She seems like a fighter. Let’s all send her good vibes and lots of blessings.

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