What Are You Wired To Do

For some time, I have doubted that God wanted to use my tragedy, joy, resilience, and miraculous healing, to say something to the world. A little voice in me kept heckling. ‘Who the heck are you? You are just an egotistical woman who really has nothing to offer. And watch this God stuff, you’ll turn people off.’ Until just recently, I could not totally embrace that I am here to champion our ability (my ability) to overcome the worst we are faced with, and allow ourselves to rise above our circumstances.

I know today, what I didn’t fully know last week. It is our innate talents that links us to our purpose and gives us the passion to do what we are compelled to do in this world. My skills as an information specialist and a trainer, are not really who I am. They were developed through education and experience. But what are innate talents? How were we wired before we were even born? What are the gifts we yearn to share, ever single day of our life?

I didn’t learn to be a writer and speaker – these qualities were evident as long as I could remember. Also I have pretty much always had a positive attitude and believed that I, we all, can achieve whatever we put our minds. I believe so forcefully that I see all kinds of creative ways of achieving extraordinary things – like coming back from a stroke that took my voice, body and even my thoughts. In fact, the stroke is my greatest gift. As a result, I see myself owning my innate gifts and joyously sharing all the good I can with you, with the world. I falter only when I allow doubt to creep upon me like a poisonous snake. 

Rick Warren, author of the best-selling book ‘Purpose Driven Life’  speaks about using our talents or gifts to do good?  We can recognize our talents by knowing what he terms ‘what’s in your hand.’ As an example, he used the biblical story of Moses, who carried a staff in his hand. Moses just had to put it down, and God performed great miracles though his staff.

My communication skills, motivation and creativity are in my hand. I now choose, without doubt, to put it down, and let God work through me. What’s in your hand?

I recommend you watch the following talk by Rick Warren about using our talents and influence to do good. The video is 21 minutes. Try to watch the whole thing. For me it was especially powerful towards the end when Rick began speaking about ‘what’s in your hand’ – what are you wired to do. The video had a tremendous impact on me. What about you?

2 thoughts on “What Are You Wired To Do”

  1. Dawn,
    Thanks for sharing ‘what’s in your hand’! It definitely has me thinking about ‘what’s in my hand’


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