Put Up or Shut Up

Many of us are always complaining about our success in life. We don’t have a job, we need to find a more fulfilling job, we are not making enough money, we are just not good enough, and so on. Yet few of us are prepared to work like hell to find a solution, be pushed by God, until we get what we want! So I say put up or shut up, if you are not prepared to do what it may take before God gives us the answer!

There is an answer to virtually everything we want to know on the Web. No I am not suggesting that you give yourself a migraine, by going on a desperate search through the vast sea of web information. I am recommending you let google do it for you. Use a quality tool like google alert, which uses specific search phrases, to get daily information sent to your inbox. To get the best information, you will need to preview what comes back, and ensure you have the right search terms. Get it right, and google will send some crazy-good, up-to-date  information. I have set up a few alerts. This includes one on social media, which sends me the latest techniques, exciting strategies and excellent sources of learning for the booming field of  social networking. I will start sharing with you as of next week.

Putting ourselves into action is more than about our careers. Yesterday I spent the whole day at my cousin’s funeral. We were all invited to give our personal tribute to her. Her nephew, my very eloquently spoken cousin went up, and stood behind the podium. Preaching to us all, mostly family members, he noted that the only time we seem to get together is when someone dies. Just about everyone shook their head and mumbled in agreement. Afterall, many of us were reuniting with each after years of living in the same city. Some were meeting for the first time.

But here is my issue. I would estimate that no more that 1% of us is going to make that effort to connect. Within a week, 99% of us will forget about connecting until the next funeral. So, I said to myself and others, put up or shut up! Be prepared to do something, if you are going to complain.

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