Development Means Changing Self

 “If you want to change the world, start with you baby. Change you and everyone else will follow.”

These words were used by Jacob’s Lusk, in his rendition of Man in the Mirror, on this Wednesday episode of American Idol. He reawakened me, and brought me back to a day last week, when I was looking for a host for my new website. I decided to use HostGator. The problem came when I received an email saying that in order for the account to be approved, I needed to send them a copy of my driver’s license or my passport, and my credit card.  I had never before heard of this type of request. I was so shocked, that a migraine silently began pounding in my head. I was really upset.

I began to agonize over how I would get those digital copies of my I.D. “Use a digital camera or a cell phone,” I was told by the representative on the phone. There was no compromise. There also seemed no end to my agony. My daughter had lost the memory card in my digital camera. And don’t laugh, but I have no idea how to use the camera on my phone. I felt old. I thought, ‘what would it take if I wanted to go out and get the copies done’. But there was another aggravation. I lost my license since the stroke – and  felt seriously sorry for myself, disabled and helpless!

‘This is discrimination against the physically challenged and baby boomers’, I silently screamed. Or was it? Sure HostGator and a lot of technology-based businesses cater to the younger folks. But I realized I should just register my complaint and leave it at that. I should not be fuming at them. I should be fuming at myself!

It was time to look myself in the mirror and let go of those darn excuses I comfortably held on to. This is 2011 and no matter what age we are, we can learn and take advantage of all that technology brings. The world becomes different every day. Who am I to get mad or whine because things don’t stay the way I am use to? In the same way, I had to say to myself enough with these feelings of disability.  So what if I needed a ride to get a copy made?  Once I started thinking how I could get what is needed, instead of how HostGator was preventing me from moving forward, I saw that I could easily get a camera from my brother, who I saw every day.

Each day brings us great opportunities to overcome our excuses, and remind ourselves of our indomitable abilities to handle whatever life puts in front of us.  To stay fully present to who I am, I will keep my eyes focused on me, and away from the excuses which blind me.

Author: Dawn Armstrong

I provide information and inspiration to help people achieve their goals and go after their impossible dreams. As a research and communications specialist, I research, write and work with others; and with God as our guide we confront the inevitable setbacks, find our true selves, and achieve our greatest desires.

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