Do You Need an Image Makeover?

People are not inclined to pay attention to us, if they cannot see us.

Have you ever introduced yourself to someone at an event, and noticed that they were not at all interested in you or what you were saying? You learn very quickly that people listen to you, support you, judge you and relate to you, based on the image they have of who you are. If we create the right image on the web, people can not only have a positive image of us, but a compelling image that causes powerful reactions.

The following is an amazing short video you may have seen on the web, which shows the power of words in projecting a compelling image.

Our images define our success. Our websites, our logos, what we say and how we say it, create an imagination of who we are, which becomes lodged in people’s minds.  I know you have an image of me, as a result of this blog or anything I do on the web. The question is – what is my image? Is it the image I want to create? My answer is, “not always”. Therefore I am launching my image makeover in my next blog. What about you? Do you need an image makeover?

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