Speak Your Passion: Awakening To Spirit

As a continuation of my last post, I want to share something that happened to me yesterday, which testifies to the awakening of greatness within us all. It is an experience about letting go of ego, letting go of the need to be good, and letting Spirit take over.

Me, Taking a Public Speaking Seminar?

I went to a public speaking seminar recommended by my coach. Specializing in adult education for some 20 years, I told her that my time could be better spent elsewhere. That kind of sounds arrogant right? So when she reminded me that I didn’t know everything, I knew I had to go.

Going From my Head into the Arms of Spirit.

In the seminar, each participant made a short presentation (up to 1 minute), and received constructive feedback from the instructor and the rest of the participants. When it was my turn, I was a little nervous. For the first 5 seconds as I said my name and my business name, I was aware of my rigid hands beside me.

Then it happened. I lost all awareness of me and the instructor’s (Thomas) evaluation. My hands moved with a wonderful energy in front of me, as I said:

I help you answer the question, who am I? What is my unique gift to the world? And what is my target audience?….”

I felt eyes open wider, as I spoke with passion, emphasizing every question, every statement, with my heart. My hands seemed to be speaking with me, expressing my inclusion of, my love for, everyone.

They Saw Spirit in Me

After a 30 second talk, I received feedback. One participant began. “Why are you here?” He smiled and answered with a question that was really a statement. Then another said the same, “yah, why are you here?” Thomas, agreed with the feedback. He had an expression that seemed like the respect of a colleague, on his face. He said he had no advice to give me. He noted my rigid hands, which were initially placed, motionless, beside me. Other than that, he said it was a great, well paced, passion filled presentation.

As I left the front of the room to go back to my seat, Thomas asked me, “where did you get your training?” I hesitated for a moment because I did not get formal training in public speaking. I told him that I learned from being a trainer. However, the presentation I did for the group came from my spirit. It was not something I learned on the job. It was based on:

  • dropping ego,
  • shifting the focus from me to them,
  • forgetting about the judgement of others,
  • letting Spirit and true love for what I am doing take over.

The Lesson

Sometimes we are meant to be someplace not because of what we need to learn, but what we need to teach others. I believe this is my lesson to teach.

I have always been a decent speaker, but it has never been consistently effortless. It has not always been infused with Spirit. The stroke had a lot to do with waking me up to the truth of who and how I needed to be. I thank God that we all will not have a stroke to clot-up the lies that we and others say about us. However, we can choose to be more aware of what is true about us, and the unique blessing we all are. First awareness, then focus on practicing and surrounding ourselves with the truth. This is the path to awakening to our spirit, and passionately sharing ourselves.

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