What Are You Better At Than Anyone Else

Your Unique Area of Success

What is it that makes us throw up our hands to the heavens, joyously celebrating success? What does personal success look like for you? What does it feel like?

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s wrote:

If a man has good corn, or wood, or boards, or pigs to sell, or can make better chairs or knives, crucibles, or church organs, than anybody else, you will find a broad, hard-beaten road to his house, though it be in the woods.

Success is sharing, and impacting the world with that one thing that you do better than anyone else. For me, that unique thing comes from seeing, feeling, knowing, and communicating the good in our unique struggles. I look back at the last 4 years since my stroke, and see amazing perseverance, while looking daily at invisible hope, even when it took more than a year to see visible healing. I feel extraordinary joy, and unique success, from inspiring others to find the area in which they are better than anyone else, and seeing good in the struggles that enable them to be successful.

Struggle and Being Better Than Anyone Else

Many of us do not embrace the area in which we are most gifted, because we are looking for the easiest ways to make money; often doing things that we may be good at, but which are not in the areas of our unique strength. We try to avoid unavoidable struggle. Though struggle is the source of our success. Embracing our struggle on the way to our success requires faith, working hard, and great investment of time. This is where we experience true and exhilarated success.

What is your unique area of success? What are you better at than anyone else? What are you so good at that in Emerson’s words, ‘people will beat down the road to your house?’ How do you know?

Author: Dawn Armstrong

I provide information and inspiration to help people achieve their goals and go after their impossible dreams. As a research and communications specialist, I research, write and work with others; and with God as our guide we confront the inevitable setbacks, find our true selves, and achieve our greatest desires.

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