Becoming a Success Warrior

What is it to be a success warrior? It is the willingness to fight for our success. It is standing forcefully and strong for the realization of all that is within us. In this blog, I introduce to you Nudaan Learning Center (Nudaan), an information and training vehicle for those, like me, who choose to be success warriors, who choose to be more than the ordinary. At the end of this post, I offer a free live web-based training for those who have a goal you would like to achieve.

Choose to be more is the motto for Nudaan Learning Center, a training initiative focused on helping people be the best that they can be. I call myself a success warrior, for I have fought many demons within myself to achieve many goals, some of which have been monumental.

Training to Succeed

I developed Nudaan Learning Center to train people via the web, to hone the skills that accelerate their success in the achievement of their goals, and defeat the things that slow them down. I will share much with you here. But perhaps most important, you can access, live training, via the web. All you need is a computer and fortitude.

Learn People Skills for Success In Today’s Economy

Nudaan Learning Center is based on a program I developed, called “people skills for success in today economy”. It covers skills such as confidence, speaking, writing, relationship building, interpersonal relations and other skills we need to battle for our success, in a world where we are our greatest opponents. With Nudaan, we can choose to be more than our limitations; we can choose to be all that we are inside.

As our first initiative, I am offering a free program called “Achieving Our Goals: It’s a People Skill.” This is more of a group coaching program, and is based on achieving practical results. Participants must have a short-term goal they would like, and be willing to work to achieve. You must also be able to devote one hour a week for a group coaching and accountability session. The dates and time will be determined at the end of June, once participants are selected.

How I Became A Success Warrior

The program was conceived following a detrimental stroke, which I suffered 4 years ago. Medical practitioners could do nothing but prepare me for living with severe long-term disability, and never working again. Facing this possibility, I looked inside myself and saw the wherewithal to work and thrive again. I saw what only my soul could see; that with true commitment and effort, I could be better than I ever was. Today, I still have visible physical disability, but inside where it counts I am better (more successful in the achievement of my goals) than I ever was. I found the answer to being all that I can be, and I have developed a program to help others find that answer for themselves.

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