Achieve the Impossible Dream

On August 2012, I have a goal to achieve an impossible dream. Without physical aids, I will make the descent from Top Hill (Jamaica) bellow to the Rivers of Lemmon and I will make the hike back up to Top Hill, the village of my fore-parents.

Revealing that extraordinary, seemingly impossible goal

I recently met Sharon Love of Outstanding Lives. I did not know this tall, passionate lady, would be a powerhouse that with just a few simple words, would motivate me to change my life.

I told her the story of my near death stroke. Sharon listened, them with a bright smile and heartfelt passion, she said “you have the making of a Wilma Rudolph story. You just have to set a goal to do something special, like climb a mountain.” She reminded me that Wilma Rudolph was the American sprinter who was diagnosed with polio as a child and went on to win several gold medals and set world records. She had an impossible dream, yet with determination and belief, she made the impossible possible.

Set a Goal to Achieve What You Thought You Never Could

Since the stroke, I resolved that I could never again do one thing that is most precious to in my life. It looked as though I would never again go to the village of my fore-parents, Top Hill (Jamaica) – hike from this village at the peak of a small mountain, past the route of the donkey races, take the steep descent to the river, comprised of waterfall and a stone wall built by slaves. It seemed like I could never take that breath-taking hike back up that hill, travelling on the narrow roads carved out of the mountain. It seemed like I would never look down from the barrier-free road edges as I made the ascent back to Top Hill – looking out at the marvelous rolling hills and low hanging clouds, making sure to stay clear of the road edge, for a mere slip of a foot would mean a long fall from the mountain, and imminent death.

Today I have a miraculous goal to achieve. On August 2012, I will make the descent from Top Hill to the Rivers of Lemon Hall and I will make the hike back up to the village of my fore-parents.

Join Our Team Iniative  for Making It Happen:  All You Need is Commitment, Hard Work and Accountability

To achieve this dream that seemed impossible only a year ago, I have already committed to a weekly workout regimen. This will be my main initiative that I am taking on as a part of my Achieving Your Goals Program. As I mentioned last week, it is free and will take place live, online, at Nudaan Learning Center. I am still looking for a couple more participants serious about achieving an extraordinary goal. The program starts in July and will require a live web-based meeting the 2nd Wednesday each month. It will also require weekly check-in re accountability. There will be much to motivate us all.

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