Being Black in Canada: I Just Don’t Want To Be Scared Anymore

I am to Blame for the Problems Faced by Blacks in Our Society

It breaks my heart whenever I wake up on a bright Toronto morning, to hear:

International Black Summit, Chicago, August 4-7, 2011
  • another black man has been murdered
  • black youth are dropping out of school
  • blacks are among the lowest on the country’s socio economic ladder
  • blacks are fighting the powers that be for injustices they believe have being done to them
Everyone seems to be getting their share of the blame for our problems. One thing I know for sure, I am to blame. I am to blame for I have let fear hold me back from my full potential. I have let fear block my ability to give all that is within me, to demonstrate who I truly am, who we truly are. I’ve been:
  • scared to stand up and speak to my race, about our personal responsibility, for fear they will dislike me
  • scared to speak up in mainstream society, for fear I will lose my job, or be scorned in some way
  • scared to come of like other perceived activists and trouble makers
  • scared to face the thoughts that I will be nothing, if I do not cooperate and conform
  • scared to confront forces that I believed could make me nothing
  • scared of whatever negative I feel will happen, if I show a special love for the development of my race

Not any more! I just don’t want to be scared anymore. I don’t have to be. I have accepted a lie about my weak, fragile and powerless self. By ourselves, I believe that is true. Yet, there is another reality.

The International Black Summit: Finding an Empowering Reality

We can achieve anything that is within us, if we connect to the right people and focus on the divine energy which empowers us.

It is this connection that drew me to the International Black Summit, which has an annual event, focused on enabling participants to fulfill their visions for the black community and the world. Imagine black community leaders, professionals, and others from around the globe coming together and reciting the following declaration at the beginning of an event:

WE DECLARE ourselves, our community and all communities whole and complete. There is nothing to do except be.

WE ASSERT that we are responsible for generating community as possibility and distinction. We listen for and grant being to the possibility and creation of unpredictable results. Our conversation of, about, and for those of African descent is one of power, self generation, abundance, responsibility, unity and integrity, with the possibility of being.

WE STAND for the expression of our spirituality; ending the murders of our men, women and children; building economies responsible for funding our community; maintaining wellness of being in our bodies; providing human services; establishing nurturing relationships; altering the conversation of who we are in the media; empowering our youth.

WE DECLARE that our community manifest itself in the world as a contribution in the transformation of the universe.

Atlanta, Georgia October 7, 1991

Now that’s a declaration I can live with and live into! I try to attend International Black Summit events every year, and I am hoping to be in Chicago, this year for August 4-7 event.  If you are of black African origin and you wish to further empower yourself to be the change you want to see in the world, I invite you to join me in Chicago. You can get more information at the International Black Summit website. If you cannot attend, but would like to participate virtually, let me know or just send an email to

3 thoughts on “Being Black in Canada: I Just Don’t Want To Be Scared Anymore”

    1. Thanks. I will definately return different – for I am guranteed to meet some great, hard-working and spiritual people who are about contributing their best to the world. As I touch and I am touched, I am no longer the same. And I will have fun – my desire is to bring more fun into my life. That will also change me. But I must say – I don’t know about getting rid of some of my not always great habits. Some things – we just have to just be with.

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