Getting Over the “Just Right” Syndrome

It is my new thing to share life lessons from the Self Employment Program I am attending. As mentioned in my previous blog, my new favorite is the “Magic Profit Formula” workshops with Zale Tabakman.

There is this photographer in the class, who Zale is always giving a hard time for not getting his website done. Of course, this photographer had a good excuse. He has hundreds of photographs to edit, and he does not want to put his site up until it is “just right.” Can’t you relate?

I totally understand where he is coming from. We  are professionals, and need to project the perfect professional image. Or do we? I wonder, as Zale’s nagging message keeps haunting me:

Every moment we wait for things to be “just right” is an opportunity lost; an opportunity to show, even a small piece of our business to potential customers.  Seizing this opportunity to portray something allows even one person to see what we have to offer.

The Cost

I learned first hand what could be the potential cost. I didn’t like the “imperfect” work of my designer. I needed time to figure out what to do. I soon came up with what I thought was a brilliant idea of using one of the design packages from my web host.  I was fooling around with a template, which I totally did not like; so I didn’t put any of my content in it. Unknowingly, I  posted the template on my site! I went back  the other day, only to discover I had posted this empty template to my site. To make matters worse I have over 300 visits to my site!

The Lesson

If I were a different person, I would forever scream professional suicide. Instead, I truly got this amazing lesson. I saw how much I could lose by waiting for things to be perfect, to be just right. Still a lesson means little, if it does not lead to  some action. What would you do?

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