Law of Success & Success Warrior

We began the Success Warrior Program yesterday with a group of very inspirational, creative, and driven people. The program is based on Napoleon Hill’s  “Law Of Success.”  You may watch the video below, which contains the full content of Law of Success. The video is well over 2 hours, and it is a bit dated. Yet by watching even a few minutes, you could see the amazing gift of this work. If you are ready, and can see beyond the few things that you may not agree with, you may be blessed beyond your imagination.

The best thing is that the updated book  (based on Law of Success) that we are using for the Success Warrior Program is that it is written as a course, with actual lessons that you have to apply.  It is not only excellent in content, it tells what one should do to achieve your greatest aim. That is to say, it requires action. The Success Warrior Program holds each participant accountable for these actions. We are not just talking success, we are creating it.

Law of Success, the original work,  is beyond anything I have seen in all my years as a trainer or avid reader. It is known to have influenced popular works such as “Thinks and Grow Rich” and “The Secret.” The one draw back is that it is  over 1000 pages. Even the greatest of books would be very hard to complete for today’s busy life style. I am therefore in the process of creating a significantly abridged and updated version, more readable today. We are using this for the Success Warrior Program. As I mentioned last week, the lessons will be presented as ebooks, and made available shortly, with application and measurement tools.

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