Are Your Thoughts Creating Harmony or Discord in Your Life

Like the notes on a music sheet, positive thoughts come together to create harmony in our lives.

Most, if not all, of us  want harmony in our lives. That is to say, we desire the type of relationships where friends, family members, and colleagues blend together like the notes of a beautiful song. We so want that soothing harmony. However,  we do not seek harmony!

Our minds perceive what we are seeking as what we think most often about.

For example do you think most about:

  • sickness or healing,
  • poor performance or improvement,
  • wrong doing or forgiveness,
  • problems or opportunities,
  • failure or the path to success
  • what is wrong in life or what is right, and so on.

In my last job before my stroke, I thought a lot about the unfairness of a manager and how much I disliked her. My head was filled with worry that I would never get the chance to be head of my division, that my director would never recognized how much clients appreciated me and the new things which I brought to the division. I feared that I would get fired for all the negative feelings, I harbored toward my manager.

We create our lives with our  thoughts

Unfairness, dislike, worry, fear, and so on;  these were the crux of the thoughts which bombarded my mind. So my mind could only work with what I was giving it – it could only give me what I seemed to be seeking. Termination, depression, stroke were the results.

Yes – I believe I was primarily responsible for what showed up in my life. With God’s help, I shifted following the stroke. I saw that if I wanted harmony in my life, I needed to have it in my mind. I know now that my mind needs to know, to be saturated with, what I am truly seeking – not just for me but for everyone.

Fill your mind and actions with good and you will create good

The website of Nudaan Learning Center where I just launched the Success Warrior Program.

Now the primary focus of my mind is on realizing my greatest potential and helping others do the same. I think  a lot about, and focus my actions on, opportunities. As a result, opportunities, such as a government program for developing my own business, development of my own business, business contracts, development of a new program , etc., show up. I think a lot about accepting whatever good God has for my life, and unspeakable joy consumes me. I put a lot of effort into the opportunities for healing that I feel, and continuous healing shows. I make every effort to accept whatever shows up in my life (though sometimes it does not always look like the gift that it is), and focus my energy on the opportunities for good (even with something like a stroke) that it presents. In so doing, I have found harmony.

Are your thought consumed by harmony or discord?

Are you getting the harmony you are seeking, or is your thinking causing discord to show up in your life?

Author: Dawn Armstrong

I provide information and inspiration to help people achieve their goals and go after their impossible dreams. As a research and communications specialist, I research, write and work with others; and with God as our guide we confront the inevitable setbacks, find our true selves, and achieve our greatest desires.

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