Master Mind or God

The term “master mind” has been around since Napoleon wrote about it in the early 1900’s. He spoke about it as a scientific principle. However, I see it as explaining God in a scientific way.

I see “master mind” as a paraphrase of the biblical passage, Matthew 18:20, which states:

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.

When we gather in a space of common understanding and  living life in a spirit of harmony with the laws of nature and with each other, we cause the master mind of God to manifest within us. Miracles happen. However, this does not necessarily mean miracle, as many traditionally understand it.

In my recovery from the stroke, I joined many master minds, created by my family, my church, and the government. I sensed the presence of harmony, not by being in opposition to what happened, but by being with what is. Here I could listen to, and act upon the messages of miraculous healing. The miracle and the healing were the unblocking of my mind that awakened me to my life purpose,  the harmony around me, and the divine principles  of God (or science, as some prefer to say).

I believe we use the term master mind because we wish to separate business, money, and social matters from spirituality and religion. Yet when we create a harmonious master mind, we are surely beckoning  our minds to act as one (to give us the guidance of God) in money, in business, in social matters, and so on.

It is interesting that master minds have become so popular in recent years. Could this be a sign of reawakening to God?

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