Give Me a Few Minutes, and I Will Teach You How to Achieve Your Dreams

It is time to achieve your dreams.

Do have something you desperately want to achieve? If so, it is a waste of time to dream, unless you are ready to make it happen!

I have been a human development professional for some 20 years. I have been using my expertise to help people achieve whatever dream they set their mind on. I faced death as a result of a stroke, and was reminded that we do not have limitless time to make our dreams come true. So I began living my dream and allowed myself to be a vehicle for teaching others how.

I am re-developing this blog and an online learning centre as a field of dreams; a place where people come with their dreams, their most greatest desires, and access teachings, support, and collaboration, that makes great things happen in their lives.

Starting September 28, participate in our learning sessions via this blog, for just 10 minutes over a 16 week period, and you will see a clear path to realizing your dreams.

The nourishment or fundamental wisdom I am using is based on the proven
success strategies of the great Napoleon Hill. He helped millions of people find wealth, success and happiness. He was not just a writer of famous books, such as Think And Grow Rich, which is one of the best-selling success books of all time. But Hill also successfully taught many thousands of people, especially sales people, how to dramatically increase their income. I am using this same course material that he used, adapted to our time, in my learning center (on-going currently) and will be using it in this blog beginning in 2 weeks.

Anyone that follows the material in this program is bound to make amazing progress towards achieving their dream. I know this because I began using this material to lead 7 students on-line, for 60 minutes per week in a training program. In just 4 weeks, everyone is already speaking of significant progress towards achieving their chief aim in life.

An aspiring writer was constantly bitching and complaining about not working in her field. Since our program, she found, applied to and got into a select group of business professionals in New York City, and is now their writing expert.

I am going to give you a taste of what I have given the individuals in the online course, by way of a 10 minute lesson each week, as well as tools such as reading materials and weekly exercises.

In the meantime, with 2 weeks from today being week 1, here are the topics you must master to claim the success you want:

  • Week 1 – Mastermind
  • Week 2 – Definite Chief Aim
  • Week 3 – Self-Confidence
  • Week 4 – Habit of Saving
  • Week 5 – Initiative and Leadership
  • Week 6 – Imagination
  • Week 7 – Enthusiasm
  • Week 8 – Self-Control
  • Week 9 – Habit of Doing More Than Paid For
  • Week 10 – Pleasing personality
  • Week 11 – Accurate Thinking
  • Week 12 – Concentration
  • Week 13 – Cooperation
  • Week 14 – Profiting by Failure
  • Week 15 – Tolerance
  • Week 16 – Practicing The Golden Rule

Master all 16 of these topics, and you WILL achieve results.  Don’t take my word for it. Try it. But, as said by Napoleon Hill, don’t assess your full results until you have completed Lesson 16. 

Lesson 1 will be available in 2 weeks. See you, and your dreams, then.

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