Be Who You Came Here to Be or Expect Absolute Misery

Your Chief Aim in Life  

We are all here to do and be something special. That is the source of our greatest, most heartfelt, desires. Are you aware of what you came here to do and be?

Let us use me as an example. My chief purpose is to help people be the best of themselves. I have been equipped for this with: my talents for writing and speaking; my genuine compassion and love for others; and my passion for creating and achieving.

The Misery of Negating a Part of Yourself

Derailed Train

So why did my life get so tragically off-track, like a derailed train headed for impending disaster? My life derailed, because I was living without my gifts of compassion and love as my centre. For the sake of money and the illusive power, I forgot a part of myself. I forgot what I came here to do and be. I forgot my chief aim in life.

Let me give you another example. A young lady called me the other day, consumed with complaint.  She recently got a professional job at a top corporation; however, she was complaining that there was too much for her to learn, and she felt like a small insignificant tree, lost in a massive forest. She just didn’t know if she was good enough or where she belonged.

I first told her to tell that flipping demon that messes with us all, to get the heck out of her head! Then I guided her to identifying and remembering her unique gifts of teaching and speaking, and her passion for learning.

She loves to learn! And life was giving her the opportunity to learn! She loves to teach and speak, and life was enabling her to develop the knowledge that would prepare her to do just that! She saw that as long as she was negating the great opportunity brought by her gifts, she would be absolutely miserable!

Are you missing the great opportunities in front of your face? Are misery, complaint and dissatisfaction your close companions or BFF (best friends forever)? If so, you have got to make a shift.

But first, you must make sure your vision is clear. Get rid of any negative energy, that haunts you like an illusive phantom. Then look for your gifts and your passions, and see how they align with the opportunities in front of you. The universe does not make mistakes. You are where you are for a reason. Look and if you do not see your opportunity, look harder! Your blessing is your life exactly as it is showing up. Seize the opportunity to release your gifts and your passion.

An Exercise For Finding or Reclaiming Your Gifts and Passions

What are you so good at, that when you do it, it compels the world to pay attention,  like Obama made the world stop to look when he became president of the U.S.?  What is your gift? Everyone has at least one! No gift is too small. Even spinning a yoyo, can be a special gift, which gains notoriety as many saw on America’s Got Talent. What is your gift?!

What does your spirit burn so deeply for, that you cannot leave this world without gifting it with that part of your heart? What is your passion?

Ask the questions over and over again until you get an answer. When you have the answers, develop a definite plan for realizing your gifts and your passion. Make this your definite purpose in life. Let your plan define the path on which you must walk to find unmatched success.

Take this from a lady realigned with her purpose and her passion after being booted (ok maybe terminated is a more accurate word) from a top corporation and gifted with a deadly stroke! What is the opportunity in front of you, right now!

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