From Tolerance to Love

This is the last post I will be doing until January. I am taking the month of December to ensure I am finished my book by the end of the year. Until then, I would like to leave you with the beginning of my second last chapter. Great blessings for a wonderful holiday season.


When I listen to the song ‘Need You Now’ by Lady Antebellum, I find myself taken over by its intoxicating melody and heart-wrenching words.  I am reminded of the many friendships and loves that have crossed my path, when I was too blind to see them or too hurt to hold on to them.

With a second chance at life after my stroke, I am now ready to hold on to and grow love. But, I must ask, how? I am ashamed to say that for so long I have been a lone ranger who needed no one. Sometimes, I feel like jumping up and holding my hands up in the air, reaching for God and screaming ‘I need you now!’

I know what many of you are probably thinking, and I want to make something clear. I am not this lonely destitute middle-aged lady aching for love to come back and rescue me from spinsterhood. It would be nice, but I am certainly not aching for that.

I am aching for what seems like impossible love. I need, no I want, the kind of love that exists between a cat and a dog, which have become great friends. Love as seen between animals of different species, cuddling each other, smooching each other, and lost in the comfort of each other.

When you have looked death in the face, as I have, you get that the time will come when there will be no more time for joyfully experiencing true love.  That is, the kind of love that drives your quest to join with others and achieve the thing you want most in life. The kind of love that easily reaches out to the world and its many differences, and has the world reaching back with open arms.

I am as desperate for that kind of love as I am for the huge emotional and financial successes that it brings. So I better get off my butt, and go after it, right? It’s just not that simple. I, like many of you, am not like that dog who can cuddle an overly satisfied cat under its ear.

To tell you the truth there were points in my life when I was barely able to tolerate white people. Permit me to speak bluntly, for I know no other way to share my truth and my breakthroughs. I will say more about these blunt, and perhaps ugly, truths a little later.

Though I have no problem with tolerance today, tolerance is not love. And when we find ourselves just tolerating others, we often get the success that just tolerating brings.

Imagine the success that can be achieved when tolerance is replaced by love. That is the focus of this lesson. It may seem idealistic or even ludicrous to some of you. If so, hold on to that thought, read on, and tell me if you still feel that way at the end of this lesson.

Be well until January.

2 thoughts on “From Tolerance to Love”

  1. Yes, loving as oppose to merely tolerating is the way to go, however it’s a challenge that often we aren’t up too. It takes a ‘heart’ that is willing to look beyond the person’s flaws to just take them as they are and see their worth.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Patricia.It is not easy, at least not for me. But I will keep going for it and take as many people as I can with me. With individuals like you I grow stronger and more loving by the minute….Blessings

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