Channel Your Power Into Your Purpose

“The problem that BP has down in the gulf is that when you take something that is meant to be energy and waste it, what did….give life and give opportunities, now creates death because it is power not channeled into purpose.”

Bishop T.D. Jakes

The above quote uses the 2010 BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which wreaked havoc across the US Gulf Coast Region, as a wake up call for those of us who may not be channeling our power (our life) into our purpose.

My purpose is to help people be and see the best of themselves. Before the stroke my life was all about taking care of my daughter, paying my bills, working with a horrible manager, and feeling I needed to get away from my job.  My life was like the oil spill, flowing dangerously without an intended purpose.  So I stroked out. I crashed.

As a result of the stroke, I became clear that I did not want to die with my music (my purpose) in me. My life is no longer spilling out of control for my actions and my thoughts are directed towards driving everything, from my daughter to my bills, into my purpose.

Make sure your life or your power is channeled into your purpose.To do so is to choose the fortune that God intended for you. Not to do so is to choose grave misfortune.

Are you living your life with your purpose at the centre?  Why or why not?

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