Do You Need a New Normal to Get What You Want?

What goal or dream do you want to achieve? Will it manifest or fit within your current environment or way of being? Or do you have to create a new normal?

Four years ago, while speaking to me about dealing with my disability after stroke, a social worker said “This is your new normal.” Did this mean that my new normal was paralysis and disability, as well as inability to work, date, dance, etc.? At that time, yes it did! But by seeing and accepting this new normal, I was able to achieve the great goal of healing that God intended for me.

If you have a business, career or life goal, or dream that you would like to achieve, you will find the greatest hope by focusing on seeing or developing the new normal that will lead to the realization of your goal. For example, a friend of mine is in the process of launching a new business. When she heard about the new normal, she began to focus on developing training for her partners to support the success of her business.

Do you need to see the new normal for the realization of your goal or dream? In next week’s article, I will provide a more practical discussion about how you find or create your new normal, and how this will produce extraordinary results in achieving your business or career goals.

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