A New Normal for Extraordinary Living and Achieving

Justina and the Creation of Positive, Life-long Impact in the Face of Death

Life hit Justina hard with a terrible fate. Over the last few months she has deteriorated rapidly due to aggressive brain cancer. Inside that disease, she accepted her new normal way of being, like an angel sent here to show us what it is to truly be a successful human being. Over the holidays, though her sight was practically gone and she could barely get up from her wheelchair, she came to church bearing prayers and gifts for many in the congregation.

I remember bending down to give her a New Year’s hug, as she reached up with one hand to embrace me, while wearing a beaming smile on her face. I felt I was absolutely blessed and witnessing a new normal way of being, called for when we must find the hidden gift in the seemingly terrible hand that life often deals.

Ditching Our Crutches and Taking Progress to the Next Level

Lately each day I go the gym, I walk one mile or eleven times around the track with my cane. Then I walk another four laps without the cane. Without the cane, I walk with much less energy and sometimes I must look as though I am going backwards. Yet last Saturday I decided that ditching my cane would be the new normal I am creating. I know I must face the fear and do it any way.

Create a new beginning, says my soul, knowing I will have to face more fear and courage. I rarely turn my back on a call to be my best; therefore I set a new goal of walking outside my home without my cane. Last Sunday, for first time, I went to church totally cane-less!

A New Normal Way of Being

What do you think the new normal has to do with achieving our life purpose? In my next blog I will look at this question and talk about the link to achieving our business and career goals.

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