God and The Bottom Line

Until recently, I was one of those people who was scared of mentioning God at work. I can now remember what caused this to happen, and potentially caused my stroke.

It is generally accepted that if you want to be successful in the workforce, you better not mention God. So I shut my mouth, in hopes that I could go far in the corporate world. I did not know I was shutting down my ability to breath.

At my last job, I started out being the love-centred Dawn, whose greatest strength is her ability to see good in virtually everyone and everything. When individuals spoke negatively of their colleagues, or of situations with which they were faced, I could always say something that made them see the good and the blessing of each person and each situation. Unfortunately, this also made people who speak bad of others see the bad in themselves. So some began to tease me, and make a joke about my always seeing good, as though this was bad. So I learned to keep my mouth shut.

As a result, I had to sit with my lips stapled shut, while managers spoke of individual contributors and other managers, as though they were characters in a TV show, whose lives, feelings and aspirations were not as real as their own. Only inside me, could I say, ‘if you want to improve performance and retention, treat people with the genuine love you would like to be treated. Some people must be fired, but do so authoritatively, with compassion and love’. Yet, I uttered no words. Instead, I tried to shield my ear drums and let my words eat away at my insides.

What has made us become so scared of inviting God into the doorways of our workplaces? It is more common to hear someone speak of hate and the devil than of God and love. Yet the latter would be more trustworthy, more productive, more loyal and attract more clients.

For me, God is everything and everywhere. He is the impetus for the loyalty, kindness, love and genuine effort that I bring to my work. There is no greater joy for me than to work with a business or individual, and see the great satisfaction that comes from achieving our goals, while contributing to good in this world.

I am in a liberating and unshakeable space now. Stroke will do that to you. I am clear that Godly ways are the greatest money makers for business. I believe many people  will give their business to a consultant like me, who is God-centered, has the skills that they need, and is genuinely loving, compassionate, forgiving, faithful, etc. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “God and The Bottom Line”

  1. It is certainly appealing to me. And I would like to think that even if I were an atheist that I would rather know that my consutant had some sort of authentic grounding for convictions. And that even if the source of those convictions were different than my own that I am better seeing that than not knowing where the person was coming from and what their motivations were. Either way, I think you have made the right choice and I am certain that God is blessing and will bless your business! 🙂

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