Find Your Own Way To Be

In work and life, how do you deal with the people and situations who just rub you the wrong way? Being silent, grinning and bearing aren’t going to cut it; because whether we realize it or not, people can tell when we are being like hypocritical politicians.

The other day I was on a leadership call for the planning of an annual event for this summer. About 14 people were on the call; and I must admit, it was somewhat of an irritating experience. As usual, the ones with biggest mouths took control and spoke way too long. In addition, the way the call was facilitated, I felt I could not share what I wanted. So I became lost in the noise of my silent complaints.

After the call, I asked myself  how do people share what they need to share, when they feel like silent puppies among others who are constantly barking?  My answer – I go inside myself and I find a way to deliver my message so that others can hear it. In this case, I would write it down in the most graphic and compelling way I know. I have done so in the past and generally get the attention and feedback I needed.

The next time you encounter people and situations that rub you the wrong way, remember there is no right way for everyone be – just your way, my way and everyone’s way. Don’t judge my way, or I might just cut off your head (not literally), and will be less inclined to see your talents and support you.

Just find a way to show your genuine and most powerful way of getting your point across, given the situation. You can talk, write, draw, or whatever speaks you. Just be and let others be!

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