The Power of Your Mojo: The It Factor for Your Success

Part 1

What is your mojo, where does the word mojo come from, and what does it have to do with our success?

Mojo is a term said to have its origin in Africa. African slaves brought with them amulets, or charms, that were associated with casting magic spells. Those charms and spells came to be known as mojos.

Today, the term mojo is often used by many people, including the fictional Austin Powers, to refer to the magnetic force within us that brings out our passion. It attracts people to us, makes us light up with energy, and directs us to our success.

What is Your Mojo

Our mojos become apparent when we are children. In the event you are not too clear what is your mojo, your special gift or magic in life, let me share the evolution of my mojo. The intention is to incite a look into yourself, so you can pinpoint the make-up of your magic, the special gift for your unique success.

My mojo first became visible during the nine years I spent in Top Hill, Jamaica. At the age of one, my mother took me and my sister from England, and brought us to Top Hill. She left us with my grandmother and went off to make a better future for us.

I woke up to myself in what I remember as a vast playground, laden with fruit bearing trees and family planted all around me. I felt happy, contented and free as a bird. This was the perfect place for my mojo, the magic of me, to reveal itself.

It began with my traits of being an intelligent, talkative, and feisty child? I would speak bluntly and stand up to just about anyone. I became known for that special something in me, my mojo. It was:

the ability to communicate intelligently, forcefully, courageously, passionately, creatively and with deliberate intent to impact people as well as cause positive change.

At somewhere around the age of eight or nine, I remember passionately cursing out my fifteen years-old cousin’s ‘baby father’ for getting her pregnant, and not supporting her as well as his child. Needless to say, I got a few licks for ‘giving lip’ to those who were older and stronger than me.  Still, I got my point and my passion across; thus my mojo became obvious to those around me.

Many people said I was going to be someone special when I grew up. This magic in me, they believed, would give me the strength and power to lead others and stand up for what is right.

As I grew older, it seemed the magic of me, my mojo, was not too strong or dependable in another world. I left Top Hill, and something in my new home of Canada scared my mojo into hiding…


The next post will continue with When You Lose Your Mojo, Reclaiming Your Mojo, and Sharing Your Magic with the World.

Until then, tell us ‘what is your mojo’?

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