Live Web-Conferencing: Getting Mentored and Trained to be Our Best

Do you or someone you know hideout instead of doing what you really want to do? That is, you see someone speak in public, write a book, or take a picture (as just 3 examples), better than you ever imagine you could; so you decide you could not possibly live up to their seemingly unimaginable standard. I have certainly done this. At that time, I never thought of finding gurus to mentor me, and help me become the standard of excellence I envision in myself.

As a facilitator with the International Black Summit (IBS), I have an opportunity to get in front of a room and lead events that guide people in getting clear on their vision for their lives, as well as acting upon the purpose they have for  themselves in the

Ghandi, a man who inspired so many to see their vision and do unimaginable things to make it happen.

world. However, I generally  have hesitated to put myself in front of any Summit room, because I just could not see myself leading an event anywhere close to the “A-list” facilitators.

When IBS facilitators expertly lead Summit events, they become like Ghandi; and virtually everyone in the room seems to clear a way to seeing their vision, and magically become filled with the adrenalin needed to act upon their deepest desires.

I used to see such facilitators as phenomenal gurus who put me to shame. “I can’t do what they do,” were the thoughts I used to place myself out of the limelight of Summit events and comfortably hideout among the participants. I could not motivate myself to rise above my fears, that is, until I saw an easy way to learn from these gurus with the aid of Internet technology.

With the collaboration of some IBS colleages, we decided we would step-up our game and work on letting our guru loose. The solution was to find the best of the best among Summit facilitators (and there are quite a few) and have them mentor us on being better facilitators. So we found 3 exemplary facilitators to mentor us. It didn’t matter that they were across the U.S., we ourselves were not in the same city. However we had the Internet.

For this group mentoring initiative, we  used live web-conferencing (including video) to set up and deliver a virtual information session, under the watchful eyes of our mentors. They listened to us, watched us, gave us homework, commented on our actions, made suggestions, and stayed in the background (mostly) as we facilitated our first live virtual session. It included 7 cities and more than 25 individuals  (participants and facilitators).

Not surprisingly, it will take a while to get up to, or near, guru standard. However; now I am in the game of being my very best at facilitating Summit events, and getting some serious mentoring.

What about you? What do you think of live virtual mentoring using web-conferencing technology? How could this play a role in your life.

One thought on “Live Web-Conferencing: Getting Mentored and Trained to be Our Best”

  1. A great game to be in!!! I’m forwarding this to two gurus from other worlds who are just beginning to use your web world of communication. Thanks Dawn. Charlee

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