White Guys With Guitars (WGWG)

This week was the first time I ever encountered the acronym wgwg or ‘white guys with guitars’. It was in reference to American Idol, and one of the remaining finalists, Phillip Phillips. Some say if he
wins, he will be among a string of wgwg who have won the competition over the last few years; thus sending the message of some sort of racism. I say that’s a lot of nonsense or as the British say, popycock!

I believe that in virtually all cases the only true advantage is a combination of talent, personality, confidence, and soul. Sure I believe Jessica and Joshua, on American Idol, are more powerful than Phillip when it comes to vocal talent. However, for me, the reasons why Phillip is a strong contender has little to do with his vocal range, little to do with the fact that he is a white guy with a guitar, or that he is a supposed heart throb.

For me, he is a captivating musician that can carry a tune. He performs with his guitar, accompanying instruments, quirky use of his voice, and weird rhythmic twitches of his body that seem to conduct the music, and touch the souls of those who can feel him. Well, this R&B, gospel music, reggae loving, middle-aged woman can feel him and his music.

I had to sit myself down and ask why do you like this guy so much, even when he messes up. Should I not be rooting for Joshua and/or Jessica? They are awesome and sing my traditional style of music.’  But, it’s more than that for me.

Phillip, this young white guy with a guitar, actually reminds me of me. I am not the greatest writer or speaker. However, sometimes I use my ok talents and pull from my soul to write and speak in ways that are powerfully beyond me. And those who can hear me, hear excellence, the product of a spiritual blessing. Like Phillip, I strive for that soulful peak. I see all he does to reach his, and I route for his soulful instruments to come together, as I am rooting for myself.

No-talent white guys with guitars have zero shot at winning. I believe Phillip knows he has no advantage and knows he has to come with his ‘A’ game, to have a real shot at winning. I believe Jessica and Joshua know the same for themselves.

Though I am a middle-aged black woman with a disability, no one has an advantage over me, if I come with my ‘A’ game! We can all take a page out of U.S. president Obama’s book. Just be ourselves, people vote for those who can show them the greatness they strive for in themselves.

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