I see God in the New American Idol, Phillip Phillips

A lot of people will say the newly crowned American Idol won because he is a white guy with a guitar, and the teen girls just went crazy for him.  As I said in my last post, I feel and see differently.

I see God in that young man. His music seems to come from his soul, and I feel the love and joy as he feels it. He was not the best singer, yet he seemed to make the most searching and soulful music. His music sometimes makes me want to dance, smile and jump for joy. He is humble and a definite leader. His way of saying positive words to others and drawing them close is so heartwarming.

I rooted for him as though I was rooting for good. When we drop our prejudices, it’s amazing what we can see. A few years ago, I may have been screaming fowl. Today (maybe because of the stroke), many blinders have been cleared and I can see and hear love and genuine creativity, like I never could before.

Blessings to the the runner-up, 16 year old Jessica. Her future seems bright. I can’t wait until she gets a bit more life experience and find the ability to fully expose her insides.  With that dynamo voice, she is bound to be a killer.

To Phillip, I would paraphrase Steven Tyler’s words and say ‘when God’s light is shining on your face, let the shadow’s fall behind you.’  Thank you for being a vessel where your music can shine so brightly, that even sickness could not dim your reflection.

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