Spirituality and Success

It’s been a long road; yet I have finally arrived! Like doubting Thomas, I crossed the bridge of my doubts, opening the way for me to arrive at a clearing. In this peaceful, open space, I know who I am and what I am called to do.

Years ago, two individuals working in the psychic realm told me the following.

  1. you are a messenger from God
  2. the pen belongs in your hand

Hocus-pocus crap, right? Plus, who the heck takes psychics and their generic messages seriously? Some would think I do, but it wasn’t the psychics that I took seriously. It was the words that immediately jolted through my body, and attached themselves to my memory.

You see when I speak or write about kindness, loves, compassion, fairness, understanding, listening  and many other spiritual ways, which bring joy and success into our lives, I experience true fulfilment. For in those times, I allow the divine voice to speak through me.

So why have I constantly blocked that voice. I was scared! I mean, no matter what my spirit says, how can I use my gift of speaking and writing to focus on spiritual behaviour! How can I make a living off that?!

Now, in this clear space, I can say to myself, ‘are you kidding!’ The joys, blessings and successes of many of our lives are all about how spiritual or Godly behaviours enabled us to bless others and how we were in turn blessed by a force much greater than ourselves. Great speakers, writers, leaders, like Ken Blanchard, make extraordinary living focusing on spirituality and God.

I can now choose to leave behind my demons, which were holding me back from writing and speaking about spirituality and success. I choose to spend my life listening for that still small voice, that all-powerful force, to bring to life the stories, and enable me to create other stories, that inspire great blessings and successes in our lives.

This does not mean I will not work on the communication projects, such as live web-based training, to which I have committed myself. I am still living my same life. The difference is, my focus is on spreading Godly or spiritual ways to achieve great joy and success in our lives.

What does this mean for my blog? You will see in the next post. In the mean time, feel free to share your thoughts on spirituality and success.

Author: Dawn Armstrong

I provide information and inspiration to help people achieve their goals and go after their impossible dreams. As a research and communications specialist, I research, write and work with others; and with God as our guide we confront the inevitable setbacks, find our true selves, and achieve our greatest desires.

2 thoughts on “Spirituality and Success”

  1. Dawn – I agree with you, we must follow God’s call in our lives. But please be careful about the “psychic realm”. There are many verses in the Bible which speak against consulting with these (Deut 18:9-14 for example). Maybe you mean something else, but please be careful.
    Now if through prayer and seeking answers in God’s word you get the call then go for it!

    1. Thank you Vince. I don’t go to psychics any more. That was when I was much younger. When I seek answers, I ask God and listen for what life is saying. I then do not have to seek, the answer comes. It may come through many faces and voices. I have found the key is to listen and discern what comes. I don’t even know if I was consciously seeking an answer to what I am called to do. I was trying to get away with hiding behind my fears. But when God wants you, the only peace is in following Him. My only peace is in following the command I heard from my hospital bed ‘share your story with the world’ (the story of God in my life)’ It seems that these days only when I write and speak in this way do I inspire others to be the best of themselves and personally receive numerous blessings. Thus, I resist no more!

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