What Would You Do to Minimize Misery and Attract Happiness Into Your Life?

Would you consider a simple exercise of meditation if it could change your life?  Let me give you an example of possible results. For the last little while I have been meditating on the following:

“be love and inspire love, for that is the key to healing, joy and success.”

Now whenever mischievous and mean thoughts come to mind, sometimes disguised as humor, I remember my commitment to being love.

For example, I was voluntarily advising the team leader for a training project, in which I am involved, on how to design a results-focused evaluation for a new course. I felt I was giving her free advise based on my 15+ years experience with top organizations in the field. She seemed insistent on doing things her way, and measuring people’s satisfaction. You see, egotistically thinking  of myself as an expert, I  expected her to be grateful for and accept my advise. I tried to impress upon her the importance of measuring transfer of learning or impact, which was (for me) the real purpose of evaluating a course.

Before I could say a word or make my thinking visible, my meditation infused my mind and I remembered my commitment to love. In the past, I would have resented her for not respecting my expertise. I would have argued with her and called her all kinds of names like overbearing, controlling and ignorant (in my mind, of course). And I must admit those thoughts were still trying to puncture my mind. But this time, the words “be love and inspire love, for that is the key to healing, joy and success,” controlled me as though they were spoken by God himself.

I killed the negative thoughts and replaced them with new thoughts. My new thoughts, as though external to me, said as follows.

“Be with the evaluation as is, and provide your input when and if called for. The individual managing the course is a good person with good intentions.  Things do not have to be scientifically perfect to be great. They do not have to be your way. On the back of love, even the worst can produce the best. Just let it unfold, for at this moment your contribution is not required as part of this journey. It has nothing to do with your abilities. Just be available, when and if called for.”

Can you imagine how these thoughts made me feel? I felt love. I felt at peace. I felt great. There were no thoughts inside of me to get in the way of my day unfolding wonderfully.

In addition, even more good things have been happening. I have been getting all kinds of positive comments on my appearance lately, as though there is some light coming from me. With decreased negativity coming from me, I feel much lighter and happier.

How do you handle potential misery in your life? Could meditation help?

One thought on “What Would You Do to Minimize Misery and Attract Happiness Into Your Life?”

  1. Love certainly makes the world go round. Suppose LOVE was a disease that was contagious ??

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