Life is Not About Filling Ourselves, It’s About Emptying Ourselves

Yesterday, I went to see my doctor for a physical. We completed the examination; then as he escorted me to the door, he said:

You are like good wine, getter better with age!

What a great compliment. Even more Importantly, I feel like that top quality wine, permeating beauty, health, and knowing, inside and out. But, just how did I get here?

I used to think that much of the dissatisfaction in my life was because I was:

  • unhappy
  • lonely
  • working with mean, unfair and prejudiced people
  • unable to perform at my best, and
  • missing all other kinds of stuff in my life.

However, with the stroke and many other subsequent experiences, I came to a mind-boggling realization. There has been and is nothing missing in my life or anyone’s life!

The purpose of life is not to fill ourselves with what we think is missing. We must instead, empty ourselves of judgements, criticisms, hated, insecurities, fears, and so on. We must do so primarily as it relates to our perceptions of ourselves. In doing so, we clear the way for God to enter and for us to blossom into all we are meant to be. We clear the way to see the greatness that has always been within us.

Now as problems come up, as they inevitably do, I ask not for my cup to be filled but to be emptied of all the negative stuff that blocks me. This includes my perception of not being pretty enough, young enough, smart enough, experienced enough, or just plain good enough. As much of that stuff go from within me, I become more of a clear space to truly hear what life is calling for me.

I believe my doctor was seeing glimpses of that beautiful emptiness. There was not one ugly thought to block the powerful love that sits in my emptiness. I am thankful to my stroke, my church, my family and friends, and the conversation of the International Black Summit for helping me continuously clear out my stuff, so I can be fully receptive to all life has to offer.

What about you? What do you think of the concept of emptying yourself. How do you achieve it?

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