Going Virtual: Developing People Over There from Right Here

Type of screen on which virtual participants were projected.

Two Weeks ago, I attended the 2012 International Black Summit (IBS) in Birmingham, Alabama. I watched my fellow  facilitators masterfully help a young lady, who was sitting in her Toronto living room, deal with the realities of herself and the job to which she was so devoted.  Projected on a screen, in front of the room, the young lady poured out her dilemma to a room full of participants in Birmingham. Her tear-filled words seemed to touch every heart in the room and kept my own eyes and ears transfixed by what was happening. With a microphone in hand, each facilitator, with their eyes glued to the young lady, took turn guiding her to the answers that would transform her.

It did not take long for me to realize that I was witnessing the realization of a vision I have held for the last few years: small businesses and non-profit organizations reaching remote participants around the world, and interacting with them, as though they are right in front of them. Now I can more forcefully say, no matter where they are, if individuals can’t physically attend an event because of ability, distance, cost, responsibilities, etc., they can take advantage of the increasingly powerful, virtual participation.

I heard and saw the virtual IBS participants from Canada and others parts of the U.S., as they were projected into the room. I was present to God and the opportunities to realize whatever vision we set our hearts to. Just put it out there, do the work and stand, and keep doing the work and keep standing, until the vision manifests.

As I sit here now, I see a vision of thousands of organizations making their professional development events virtually accessible around the globe (including best in-class live virtual interaction), as the IBS achieved two weeks ago. I also see myself sitting here in front of my computer in Markham, Ontario, enabling others (people down the road, elsewhere in Toronto, from another place in Canada, or from another country) to deliver virtually accessible events  from right where they are.

What about you? What do you have to offer the world? What can you do to develop people around the world, from right where you are?

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