Virtual Technology: Building A Dream Team for the Accomplishment of Our Vision

Basketball is a beautiful game, when the five players on the court play with one heartbeat.

The above are the words of Dean Smith (shown on the right with Michael Jordan), celebrated retired coach of men’s college basketball. He knew how to build championship players. Many of whom went on to play on the celebrated US Olympic dream teams (2012 team shown below), and are great examples for the world-class accomplishments we all seek in our lives.

One of my greatest desires in life, is to be a part of an unbeatable dream team, where each member functions as one heartbeat. I tasted that dream team yesterday evening, as I was sitting in my Markham  living room, strategizing and building a  team with two guys from New Jersey. We were touching each other, feeling each other, inspiring each other, as though we were right next to each other. We were using our individual talents to build the dream team that would create the future we dreamed of. That future involves bringing to the world, the exhilaration that we were experiencing in that very moment; that is, bringing virtual technology to the realization of all our visions, placing the global market place and talent pool at the finger tips of those who are seeking them.

After three exhilarating hours with my Jersey colleagues, I can say with little doubt what much of the world is aware of, but too fearful to act upon. That is, virtual technology is expanding our possibilities, beyond many of our wildest imaginations. We are no longer limited by geographic boundaries; in fact, our playground for growing ourselves, building dream teams, growing audiences, and reinventing ourselves, have vastly expanded.

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