How Life Constipates us Until We Remember Our Unique Gifts to The World

There are no accidents or coincidences in the universe.

A couple of weeks ago, without any shame at all, I wrote about my battle with severe constipation. I knew the constipation was not about my body; I am a healthy eating freak. I knew it was about some life message that I could not interpret. So I prayed for the uncovering of that message. It came to me that I should apply to a hospital in my region for a volunteer position working with stroke survivors. I immediately called. The lady on the phone said, ‘we cannot guarantee you will work with stroke survivors.’ Then she turns to the director of volunteers, who must have been standing near her, to back-up what she told me. ‘Actually,’ said the director, ‘we just got a position in for stroke!’

Life takes you where you need to go, tells you what you need to hear and shows you what you need to see.

Since I connected with the hospital, life has been moving me like a bolt of lightning. Within one week I completed the application, wrote a specified cover letter and obtained several references. The morning after I emailed the application I was asked to come in two days later for what I thought would be an interview. That same day I got my uniform, did my police check, and was scheduled for the orientation which is tomorrow.

Here is the incredible part of the story, the position includes meeting with stroke patients, managing information resources and helping them to get to appointments.  It seemed an amazing fit, given that I have a master degree in information science, years of professional experience working with people, and I am an ardent stroke survivor. But what was really important is that the position ignited my passion for what I am really here to do for the world, and reminded me how I had let my unique gifts fade silently to the background of my life.

Sitting at my computer all day long, I was doing very little of what my life is about. How can I enjoy doing anything with passion and power if I am not doing (right here, right now) what my life is about? How can I write, how can I develop virtual learning resources, if I am not motivating others, sharing information or taking people where I know they want to go? No wonder I was physically constipated for days and days, and spiritually constipated for longer than I can say.

Sharing your unique life gifts is your laxative. It eliminates the wastes within you and illuminates the blessings that you are to the world. Perhaps most importantly, it give a sense of peace and fulfilment. Your gifts are like drugs, which can cause calm and even euphoria throughout your body.

Keep your gifts to this world at the forefront of your life.

Write  your own special gift to this world, and put it where you can see it on a daily basis. This has to be something that fuels your heart, something that you love and freely give to the world. You may or may not be making money from your gifts; regardless you need to do it for it is your reason for living.

As an example, here is my statement of what I do for life.

‘I motivate people to rise above their circumstances, take them where they need to go for healing, and contribute to their learning and spiritual growth.’

Once you write it down, put it where you can see it on a daily basis. Make sure you are acting on it each day.  Make a vow to centre your life around what you are here to do for life.

You may find it useful to share what happens when you are living, with emphasis on sharing those special gifts inside of you. What happens when you are not? With me it was severe constipation. What physical or emotional problems show up in your life?

2 thoughts on “How Life Constipates us Until We Remember Our Unique Gifts to The World”

  1. So Happy that God opened this door of opportunity for you at the Hospital. Others will truly be blessed by your experience and what you can ” give them.”

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