I no Longer Choose to Be More

For the past five years, I have been choosing to be more that the limitations of the stroke and my disability.  It was only in the last weeks that I discovered that I need not choose to be more, for the stroke and my disability had given me the potential I was reaching for.

I have discovered a new dawn (nudaan) where it is not my physical or mental ability that defines my success and happiness in the world but the strength of my love for my self and the world. This love and strength revealed the path to my, and I believe all of our, healing.

This path includes attitude and faith, as will be shown in upcoming profiles of great people such as Ashley Fiolek (shown left), a deaf professional motocross racer, and Dick Straum (shown right), an amputee who once ran the New York City Marathon and now helps people with disability achieve their potential through sports.

Returning to optimum emotional and physical heath also means I had to focus on diet and exercise. Thus I have added 2 pages, physical conditioning and eat to live, to share what has worked for me in my healing, welcoming anyone who wants to share their stories.

A part of my brain is dead, and the right side of my body is still healing and cannot function as my left side. Yet I feel more able and useful than ever. I now choose to be me, the new dawn that was gifted to me by stroke. My journey forward, though not always painless, is teaching me more than I could have imagined. I am compelled to share these lessons with the world, as I experience them up close, and uncover the true meaning of my potential, of human potential.

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