The Good on the Backside of Super Storm Sandy

This storm was an unfortunate, yet necessary reminder that we are prone to disasters in many ways and many places. Hurricanes, super storms, diseases, and other disasters are conditions of our life on this earth.

These tragedies are like loud speakers, shouting the love that we are to each other, the love that we need to survive. Even those of us who may be hundreds or thousands of miles away from catastrophic happenings, are engulfed by emotions of love, compassion, and hope. This is certainly great good on the backside of this pain.

Situations and times like this bring out the greatness that lives within our spirit. Here are just a few examples:

  • Republicans and democrats laid down their political weapons and armour and opened themselves up to the love, compassion and collective responsibility needed to aid the storm
    ravaged victims and the world.
  • Good Samaritans set up charging stations, so people can charge their phones. Others used their vehicles to transport stranded victim from flooded areas.
  • Across neighbourhoods,  fire-fighters, police officers, and others courageous people put out fires, as well as rescued families and individuals whose homes were being destroyed.
  • In the middle of the furious storm, nurses, emergency management teams and others, courageously evacuated critically ill infants, the elderly, and other patients from hospitals in black-out conditions, including such acts as carrying a small child, who is struggling to breathe, down pitch-black flights of stairs.

We know that such disasters such as Sandy will come again. Perhaps much worse another time. We know also that it is our good that will be our ultimate lifesaver.

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