Obama and Social Media: The Key to Our Success

This picture tweeted by Barack Obama’s campaign, shortly after he was declared winner of the 2012 elections, broke the record for the most re-tweeted tweet of all time, surpassing Justin Bieber!

The tweet shows a main reason for Obama’s and our own victory, if we are really ready to take social media seriously. He shows the world how to attract the attention of the social media crowd and engage them with the attention, hope, visual activity and romance they both love and need.

Obama’s team is a master of social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit. I use all but Reddit. I had heard about Reddit, but my interest never piqued, until I read how Obama used it as a way to put out a message, engage voters, and answer their questions. This lead me to look up Reddit discussion topics in my area of interest, and saw that it is a promising place to get involved in discussions, look up information and write articles focused on some of my messages and initiatives.

If I wasn’t before, I am now clear that it is not enough to dabble in these powerful social media tools. Real success, real application of the power of social media takes strategic planning around a message, conscious effort to gain followers and hard work to produce results.

For me, this means a renewed and more powerful effort around social media, starting with my strategic plan. In my next post I will provide information around developing an effective social media plan. If you have a plan, feel free to share your strategies.

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