Embracing Ageing: Leaving An Unforgettable Mark on This Earth

About 7 years ago, I was walking up the stairs at the gym when a young man came up behind me. As he caught up to me, he turned looked at me and said, “You have such a great body, from behind I thought you were a hot young girl.” If looks could kill, I think he would have been dead by now!

Likewise, in the last few years, I notice that whenever my daughter, nieces or nephew want to irritate me, they call me old. And they succeed! On some occasions, I wish I could knock their teeth out!

Thank God for perspective! At the hospital where I volunteer with stroke patients and other seniors, I  notice that some patients often call me ‘young lady’ or ‘kid!’ This satisfies my ego, by making me feel  younger. More importantly, it reminds me that  I am well suited to serve the elderly as a result of the healing, resilience, empathy and faith that I have gained at this middle stage of my life.

The years all go too fast, and if I spend time lamenting what I have lost, I will not notice and take full advantage of what I have gained. What I have gained is the opportunity to uplift, support and inspire the generation of my parents. If I do that well, perhaps I too will receive the same blessing in my senior years.

Using my maturing years and my stroke to support seniors, I realize that I have been given an opportunity to leave an indelible mark on this earth. What about you, how does your age and situation today provide an opportunity for you to leave an unforgettable mark on this earth?

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