Are You Differently Advantaged?

I believe the greatest advantage in life  is not to be rich, of the right race, young, and able-bodied! The ultimate experience is the awesomeness of being differently advantaged!

Through my disability, I have gained the advantage of moving slowly through time. Going through life at a unhurried pace, I experience the faces, smiles, words and time of my family, neighbours, friend, colleagues, and even strangers.

Though my financial scarcity, I have gained the advantage of increased creativity and resourcefulness for redefining my worth. Lacking money and weary of my ability to cope in a stressful work environment, I learned to share my talents through web-conferencing. Now I can use my creativity and deliver superior performance from home or other motivating locations.

Through ageing, I have gained the advantage of experience and spiritual reflection that comes with maturity. I can now see the blindness of victimhood, which I used to justify my youthful selfishness and unkindness; ways of being that impacted workplace unhappiness and the stroke, I eventually had. I now know how to empty my sadness, live my healthiest life, focus on my faith, and be happy.

Through my blackness, I have gained the advantage of loving differences. Being black in Canada, I had to learn to love myself, learn about and love people of other races, as well as develop great relationships that blossomed from all our differences.

Everything we see as negative in our lives are in fact ways we have been differently advantaged! Even the young lady I wrote about last year, who died from brain cancer. The advantage, for those who could see (including me and her), is that she was clearly a reflection of God as she embarked on her journey home.

What about you? Can you see the awesomeness of how you are differently advantaged?

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