Want to Get Rid of Love Handles and the Middle-Age Bulge? Change Your Lifestyle Not Your Metabolism.

For many years, I have heard people say that they are slowing down and blowing up like a balloon; all because of their age and decreasing metabolism. ‘Nonsense’, I would think; but wisely kept my mouth mostly shut.  When I dared say anything, I would get the response, ‘you just wait!’

Well, I waited; and now I can say, based on my life experience and the proven research of experts, the main cause of noticeable physical decline (excluding disease and accidents), is lifestyle.

Most people eat too much, eat the wrong foods and are not active enough. And with disease and pain reaching almost epidemic levels, it’s time we got rid of the excuses that keep our bodies from being the awesome healing machines they were meant to be.

In the book, Fitness After 40, orthopedic surgeon, Vonda Wright wrote:

“Research has shown that sedentary people decline twice as fast as their active counterparts…I emphasize that when they are older and perhaps disabled, they will surely look back at the missed opportunity they have now for prevention…”

Is this about you?

  • Do you undertake the minimum 150 minutes recommended moderate to vigorous weekly exercise?
  • Is your diet dominated by healthy proven foods that regenerate us?
  • Do you eat way more than your body needs?
  • Do you make the time for regular aerobic and strengthening exercise?

As you age, can you say honestly that you are doing enough to maintain or improve the performance of your body? If you are not, what is standing in your way? What do you need to motivate you to action? What would it help to get more expert information about? If you are among those who have a lifestyle of very active living and healthy eating, please share your experience. It may just motivate another.

2 thoughts on “Want to Get Rid of Love Handles and the Middle-Age Bulge? Change Your Lifestyle Not Your Metabolism.”

  1. Just a few tips that work for me: When going shopping park at a distance from your destination, more steps to walk and burn calories. The weather is getting warmer you can do it. Also, at work get up and walk , stretch your legs and if there are stairs walk up a few flights………..just because. Have a bottle or cups of water on your desk at all times. At home , put on your favorite music and ” shake your groove thing.”

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