Training for Life!

It was a cold winter day in Ottawa and I was in my early 20’s. I was in the gym, ferociously running on the treadmill, as though I was in an elite fitness competition.

After watching me, for over 30 minutes and witnessing my seemingly insatiable appetite for physical punishment, a young man walked up to me and asked. “What are you training for?!” I smiled as God filled my heart with a strange truth. “Life,” I answered! The young man was slightly mystified. He quizzically looked at me, smiled and walked away. To tell you the truth, for a time, I really didn’t know what I meant.

Some 30 years later, when people hear of my stroke and see my obvious disability, they often wonder why I am so positive, so optimistic. The truth is, I am exalted, as I embrace this life, for which I have been training for so many years. This training and this life have enabled me to rediscover so many heart-warming truths about myself and those with whom I am blessed to share this journey. Because of this training and this life, I am so much stronger, so much spiritually fitter than I have ever been.

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