Finding Solutions: The Gift of No Cause

I got fired from my job. Management said “there is no cause!” I had a catastrophic stroke. Doctors said “we can find no cause!”

I choose to embrace this wonderful thing called ‘no cause.’ In blocking the reasons for my calamities, it focused me on the solutions which impact the world.

I choose ‘no cause’ as the reason my cousin shot himself; for I could have died, had I searched for the answers which died with him. Instead I commit to opening my heart even wider, so that I can act when my loved-ones are in need.

I choose ‘no cause’ as the reason a sixteen year old member of my church family died of brain cancer, for I could have been immobilized by pain, had I searched for the reason God had to take her. Instead, I commit to living my life so that I can act upon the change that she inspired me to be.

I choose no cause for all the cruelties I see in the world, for I could be overtaken by their darkness, if I try to understand evil that I do not want in me. Instead I commit to shining my light of kindness, even to the meanest in my world. And if I impact just a single soul, I have done more that I could ever do with a world full of causes.

3 thoughts on “Finding Solutions: The Gift of No Cause”

  1. What a beautiful look at the world, post stroke or not……..I am not suprized as I remember your smile, energy and intelligence even amongst our crazy days at Carleton! What a blessing a weird Facebook connection through Turtle Island….imagine that, a blessing for me as I have regretted losing touch with you all those years ago.

    Anyways its Mary Gordon. I sent you a friend request on FB and thought I’d let you know that your writings are very real and touching. I too loved the BEMH, though it was very provoking about living the live as given and making it the best. I was like you, tried to walk this way through life and instill it in my 3 children.
    I have worked for nearly 30 years working to change the world through social justice , first in Community Living, emancipating folks from institutions and creating community….learnt sign language as part of it and was also gifted with a treasured nephew who is fully deaf………..he’s 28 this year, same age as my oldest, Hannah…..and then for 24 years developing and delivering urban Aboriginal services and helped build the Prince George Native Friendship Centre to an large NGO with cultural basis and excellence to those we service.
    I now live in Vancouver and have gone through many changes and challenges in the past 6 years but retain the love of life and the realization of my “luckiness”
    I’d love to hear more from you. If you ever get to the coast let me know.
    Mary (Gordon) Clifford
    PS Using your second name is so appropriate, your smile still lights this world like any sunrise!

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