Payback Sucks!

IF You Play With Fire You Are Going to Get Burned

I was 13 years old. I just starting grade 7 at a new school, and was making friends. Things were going great; that is, until my worst enemy came along. Her name was Page.

I was chubby, and relatively held back, as any new kid would be. For some reason, Page saw me as an easy target. She had no idea I had a fire burning inside me, which could burn to the ground any evil that tried to bring me down.

Page was bigger than the average kid, and a racist bully. She made it her business to call me derogatory names, treating me as though I was the scum of the earth. She would do this whenever there was a teacher nearby to protect her, but not close enough to hear the destructive words that were spewing from her lips.

After a while, the fire in me, normally the source of my passionate way of being, became focused on destroying the evil in one specific person. I was possessed with the desire to teach her a good lesson; a lesson that would put a definite stop to her evil. The challenge was to catch her when she was nowhere near a teacher or any of her usual gang of followers.

Her day finally came! Page was upstairs by her locker. Only her tiny boyfriend stood next to her; and he was absolutely no threat! I bolted towards her like a Cheetah finally catching its prey. She didn’t have a chance!

I grabbed her, and began banging her on the locker door! Fortunately, I didn’t have it within me to hit her hard enough to spill blood or cause any real damage. What I did was scare the living daylights out of her!

A teacher showed up and pulled my Cheetah self off of Page. Understandably, I was suspended from school for 1 day. This was reduced from 3 days, with support from my mother, teachers, good academic performance, and no previous record of fighting.

Though one child fighting another is not acceptable, the principal knew that Page was no angel and was also at fault. Nonetheless, the only punishment she got was a little talking to, as no teacher was privy to her prejudiced bullying.

Nonetheless, after that fated day, Page never needed to hide behind anyone. For the very first time, she became nice to me and seemed to shrink in size!I never again heard her utter a racist word to me or anyone!

Page learned a good lesson on the law of retaliation. That is, do bad (or good) to others, and sooner or later you will get the same back! Her intention was to harm and demean others, which was exactly what she got back.

I think about this story a lot, and wonder why I don’t feel regretful for what I did, especially when the bible says to turn the other cheek. I don’t feel bad, because I truly believe that sometimes we are driven to harshly fight evil, in the same way many good people fight wars. Sure I sustained minor causality, which is normal in any war. Most importantly, Page had to get retaliation for her actions, and I felt the call to deliver the payback!

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