Seeing Our Slip-Ups As Instruments of God

This morning I had the privilege of doing the welcome for my church, attended by a very diverse congregation. I was praising God for everything, starting with a beautiful snowy day. When I came to praising God for Black History Month, the words suddenly disappeared from my mind leaving a big hole. No matter how I tried, I could not retrieve them. Members of the congregation said the words for me. Then I was able to say them for myself, and finish my praising with a couple more slip-ups along the way.

Of course, I beat myself up, even though I know that our life is about accepting how imperfect we are, and seeing that out of that imperfection comes the perfect result. My memory lapse and the interjection of the congregation actually enabled better focus on Black History Month, better than I could have done, had I not forgotten.

Still, I was invisibly worried that my black colleagues would think bad of me for such a mistake. Fortunately, my spirit reminded me that if anyone (including myself) thinks less of me, it may be a great opportunity for them to see their own superficial, judgemental and unforgiving ways. Such a great opportunity does not come, if not revealed by some imperfection.

There is one final and perhaps most critical blessing that I got out of all this. Deep down, I didn’t want to include Black History Month in the welcome. I love my blackness and many would say I am more Afro-centric than the average black Canadian or American. However, I did not think it belonged in the welcome. Why I felt this way is not important. What is important could be the probable attempt of my spirit to stop me from saying anything that was not truly in my heart.

I need to remember all this, in order to have God truly use me.

What about you, do you see the blessings in your slip-ups?

7 thoughts on “Seeing Our Slip-Ups As Instruments of God”

      1. I just thought it was one of life’s funny moments. And those funny moments can make us smile – and if we’re open to it as you have been – can make us reflect on how God may choose to influence us.

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