Smiling Depression

Who would ever have thought that Robin Williams, arguably one of the greatest comedians ever, could have been depressed enough to take his life? Like Robin, many of us are seen by others as a bundle of joy and positive energy; yet, in reality we are slowly being suffocated by our gloom. Worst of all, we have no idea we are suffering?

Imagine my shock when I realized I had written a book, not about stroke but about mental health and depression. It started to become clear when working people, who had read my book Rising Like a Phoenix: When Life Cuts You Off at the Knees, started saying to me  things like “I thought you were talking about me!” Now I realize the real message to share.

There is a danger in being so good at masking the pain we feel as we face difficult situations at work or any place else. To many I was the most positive and optimistic person, yet I was fighting a war inside me. I felt a desperate need to leave my job, to leave my boss, in order to survive.

When I was let-go, I still kept smiling to the world, while dying inside. That was the cause of my stroke.  Nobody saw the depression, not even me.

How many others are aching in the workforce; yet showing their  happy disposition? They may not know they can fall into depression. They may not even know their condition of poor mental health.

Have  you ever experienced this? The first step is just to acknowledge your pain. It could affect your achievements. As I have learned, it could even save your life.

One thought on “Smiling Depression”

  1. Amen, Some cultures tend not to seek therapy when depressed. Clinical depression most definitely can lead to suicidal ideation and of course suicide itself. There is strength in seeking help when you need it!

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