A Great Gift for Valentines Day

loveIf you are like my daughter and a lot of kids, you know that Valentines Day is not just about romance. It is about showing love for everyone. A great way to fill ourselves with love is  to have love in our heart for someone we don’t like.

In the spirit of Valentines Day, I chose to love the mobility supervisor, who secretly watched me, and cancelled my disability transportation service, concluding that I was not disabled enough to qualify. The greatest hurt to me was that she did this without giving  me any time to prepare, without empathy for someone who had used the service for 7 years, and without respect. Despite this:

  • I choose to love her for helping me see that my physical and mental disorders are not visible to some eyes, and perhaps should be less visible to my own.
  • I choose to love her, for though she did not give me any time to prepare for exposure to winter condition, I found strength and resilience in myself.
  • I choose to love her, for even though my resulting pain and depression from exposing my stroke-damaged body to extreme-cold weather, I have learned how to be active and outdoors in the worst of winters.
  • I choose to love her for giving me the opportunity to share the importance of treating all people in a loving and respectful way.

I send love and light this Valentines Day, with a hope that you too will choose to love someone you find hard to love. Consider that every time we do not love, we fill ourselves with darkness, and block the good that everyone brings.




4 thoughts on “A Great Gift for Valentines Day”

  1. I don’t know where you live but I am still fighting to get parateansit in Las Vegas and the director is a total ass. I didn’t choose to love him but reported him for saying he didn’t know anything about epilepsy and didn’t want to know. The head director us doing an investigation on him.
    People like them shouldn’t be in a position of helping others.
    Go to the director and get your parateansit back, and I wish you the best!

    Paulette L Motzko

    1. Thank you Paulette. I live in Markham (outside Toronto), Canada. I have appealed the decision and have a meeting on February. In the mean time, and after whatever happens, I will be very positive and genuinely happy. That, no one can take away.

      I wish you all the best in getting your parateansit. Keep educating others, it always makes a difference sooner or later.

      Much respect

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