Rising Like a Phoenix

The following is the back cover of Rising Like a Phoenix: When Life Cuts You Off at the Knees.

This is a true story, and a jolting wake-up call. It demonstrates the inextricable link between one woman’s mental health and her ultimate survival.

Dawn went to the gym regularly, and she ate the healthiest food. She had a good life, at work and at home.

When a new manager took charge of the unit where she worked, everything changed. Dawn became trapped in a war between self-love and self-control. She lost the battle, she lost her job, and she lost herself.

Consumed by depression, she had a brain attack, a deadly stroke. To heal, she had to fight for her very mind, the one part of her body she had neglected to keep fit. To live, she had to go on a frightening journey to restore her mental health. This, she would discover, was the secret to healing. This would be her most challenging path to being truly healthy, and unbroken in body, mind and spirit.






4 thoughts on “Rising Like a Phoenix”

  1. Amen. Spoken like a true believer and one whose relationship with Christ can be felt through your very presence and story.

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