It’s two months into the year 2019,  12 years after the stroke that redirected my life.  After many lessons learned, I now see that it’s  time to  take this blog into a holy war against the stigma of disability, mental health and financial challenges. Somehow my mind had been taken over by the belief that I was less valued than my seemingly more able-bodied, able-minded and financially blessed colleagues. For no other reason than the perceived diminished worth of my mind and  body, I believed my supposed more fortunate colleagues were better than me and needed to help me find some sort of success in this world. Now I see that they can’t help me and others like me, for what we need is to overcome stigma , and  truly see ourselves. As long as we believe and show that we are worth less, that we are capable of less, we will always be less.

It was only after  participating in the leadership of my church and attending Tyndale Seminary that God gave me the knowledge to see  that this world is not only in a war against evil, we’re in a war against stigma. The only way to fight this war is to fill our minds with overpowering evidence that obliterates stigma.. That is, we do not see ourselves as bound by our brokenness, such as the misfortunes of mental health, disability and poverty, instead we see ourselves as beautifully broken, brilliant and blessed by all that we experience. This later attestation is the focus of this blog, our godly weapon against all thoughts that seek to hold us back.

The new focus of this blog  is to provide information, stories and real life examples that demonstrate the gift, brilliance and blessing in our brokenness. The purpose is to show that we are a visible example of goodness and blessing in this world, and we are no longer allowing ourselves to be overshadowed by the false depiction of what it takes to be successful. Only we, the object of stigma, can defeat stigma. And to do so, we have to demonstrate belief in ourselves for the world to believe in us. When we show the power of the God in us, the  world will see God.



8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dawn it is so great to see what you have written, and the JOY you are able to share with someone else, GOD has definitely chosen you to help, lead, guide, others!
    Bob Cook, Mobility Plus

    1. I believe you mean December 19, 2013. Napoleon Hill wrote that poem. If I were you, I would use it and give him credit or say you got it from my site as I got permission to use it. Nonetheless, as long as it’s not commercial just mentioning the author is fine. All the best for the season…..Dawn

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