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Are your actions setting you up to hit the right target?

aimAre you seriously aiming for what you want? I am not referring to what you say you want, but what your committed actions say you’re targeting!

Before my stroke, I would have said I was aiming to retain the comfort and ease of my well-paying job as a training consultant. Yet it didn’t take a fool to see that my intense dislike and sometimes defiance of my boss, were revealing my true aim, which was trouble!!

Becoming a  People Builder

Today, my chief aim is to be a true people builder. Thus every day, I do something towards my book/course, Me and Napoleon Hill, which reveals various laws, practices and processes forpb logo succeeding by truly aiming at creating a life doing what we love. This is my gift back to the world, for I have experienced it all, through my miraculous healing and intellectual achievements over the last 6 years, as I rose from a near lethal stroke.

With gratitude, I can say that a few results affirm that my words and actions are lining up to manifest my true aim. First, I received authorization from the Napoleon Foundation to share significant excerpts from “The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons,” which was a resource for Hill’s timeless classic “Think and Grow Rich.”

Second, and the most exiting reason for me, is that the success laws and practices I share, align with the biblical  fruit of the spirit, which states:

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. (Galatians 5: 22-23).

Third, as of next week, I will begin to share some easy to apply processes from Me and Napoleon Hill, with the intention of building people up as high as they want to go.

For now, I repeat this truth.

Success requires focusing your actions on aiming to go somewhere, to do something.

What do you say you are aiming for?  How do your committed and consistent actions confirm this?

Succeeding Doing What We Love

If we have access to a truckload of information on how to be successful, why is it that most of us can’t find success doing what we love in life? Thus we spend our life working to create gigantic success for other people. I did it because I found security in the dreams and businesses of others more than I did in myself.

A Way to Shift Focus to Doing What We Love

Fortunately, as a result of my stroke, I gained access to some divine power inside me and I suddenly found the drive to go after and achieve what I really wanted. If that wasn’t enough, I discovered that my new found thoughts and actions for achieving what I wanted most in life was outlined in Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success! I simplified the process (as shown below), and created a formulae, which is the subject of my upcoming book and a course, both of which will be available early in 2014.


A Process for Success in 16 weeks

The course, which I have designed, based on my 20 years of experience as a corporate trainer, will be available as a promotion in January. It will be a live virtual course, lasting 16-weeks, for 2 hours each week. To participate, an individual must have some great success that he or she wants to achieve, such as making money doing what he or she loves. If one is accepted as the right fit for the program, he or she will be instructed on each law of success, and held accountable for following through on various related exercises. He/she will also have access to the contributions of the 9 other participants, and will be teamed with one other person for added motivation. As this is a promotion, the cost of the course is only $100 for the 16 weeks. All participants who do what is required are guaranteed to reach their goal or make dramatic progress towards it.

This is a rather unique course. I would love to hear your thoughts and respond to any questions.

We All Need Healing

healingWe all need the type of healing that shuts down our demons, and stops us from doing and saying things we often regret.

I gave a former boss a ‘two out of five’ on an evaluation, because I couldn’t stand her. She had a personality that rubbed me the wrong way, but that was no reason to say she stunk at her job. In fact, she was better than me in many areas; and that was theThumbs up smiley problem. She threatened my erroneous ‘I’m the best’ perception of myself. So, Instead of complementing her, by showing my strength in areas where she was weak, such as inter-personal skills, I became the very opposite of the good I choose to be.

I had no idea I was still carrying the hurt that resulted from past experiences. I felt tossed aside due to such experiences as my family’s glorification of my sister’s beauty, my mother’s  expressed dislike of my sometimes extroverted personality, a teacher’s prejudiced remarks, or a boss who overlooked me for a promotion.

Unbeknown to me, my negative experiences were actually offering me the opportunity to ‘be love,’ to be the very best of me.  Today, I am grateful for those situations that caused me to feel defeated and tossed aside. They taught me that the most beautiful, inviting and successful person I could ever be is one who is overcome by a force of love for others and the world.

No matter what bad seems to show up, I invite you to keep shining love on it; for sooner or later you will see the good that waits.

What is the thing in you that needs healing? This could be lack of self-confidence, resentment, inability to forgive, and much more. What do you think would happen when you consistently shine love on it?

When Life Wants to Open You

For the last few years, I have been working on completing a book. I have written some 300 pages! Yet, it has never been good enough. I was never good enough. It took a good friend and very successful colleague of mine to straighten me out. He told me, it took him 10 years to complete his last book, because he too was paralysed by his own undermining perfectionist voice! To challenge me, he told me that in 2 weeks, he wants my book presented to him!  Ahhhhhhhh!

Please pray that God gives me the wisdom, energy and courage to take the final step, and release what is being spoken through me. For now, while I am focused on finishing up the book, I thought I would share this short piece I wrote.

when life wants to open you

Exposing the Authentic Me

I can now say without a doubt that the greatest prejudice against me comes from me! I had it in my head that organizations would not hire me and men would not want to go out with me, once they know about my stroke!

There are two main problems with this. First, these thoughts are coming from within me! If I think that way, there is little doubt that my experiences will support my thinking. Second, because of my own prejudice against my stroke, I spent a lot of time trying to prove I have not lost some level of my former abilities. That is a lie! Enough with defending what I was, what I am no more!!!

I say without pain, that I cannot do certain things as well as I used to, such as public speaking without adequate notes. Instead, I have been forever transformed into the stoke-blessed-me, the authentic me! Here I find, a new found specialness.  I can speak more powerfully than ever before, on the right topic and with sufficient preparation. Moreover, I passionately write, I innovate, I find creative solutions, and I am more committed to whatever I take on!

This is the authentic me, the stroke survivor. I am ready to expose her to, to share her with, the world. Here is a piece I was moved to write in celebration of our authentic selves.

Introducing the Authentic Me

Live Web Events: Empowering Ourselves for Success

The decision to integrate web-conferencing or virtual events in my list of skills is proving to be a great decision! A consulting organization, which I am partnering with, is at the second stage of a competition for a large government contract that requires doing live training and meeting over the web. I have noticed over the last few months that such contracts are becoming increasingly popular.

I believe learning how to lead and participate in live web events is a definite way to empower ourselves for success in the future. What do you think? Please take a few seconds and answer the following two poll questions.

Thank you for your contribution.

Get Connected, Get productive – Mobility Not Required

Yesterday I had a wonderful meeting in my home office, with my Pajama-pants on, and no make-up. In this disorderly state, I was hesitant to poke my head outside, for fear that someone I know would see me. Fortunately, the members of my Church’s Communication Commission, with whom I was meeting virtually on WebEx, couldn’t see much below my shoulders; and if they could, I believe they wouldn’t care.

You see, we were connecting and getting some serious work done. Best of all, we did not have to take one step out of the convenience of our homes.

Below is shown the meeting window, with our agenda on PowerPoint, list of participants and a picture of me on Webcam (whenever someone speaks, he or she is shown on the screen).


Meeting for approximately one hour, we accomplished various tasks. This included decided on a name for a newsletter and completely planning the first issue. Plus we had ample time to check-in with each other.

Just about everyone seems limited by time, money, transportation or mobility. That is certainly one reason why virtual collaboration is slowly taking over the world.

A stoke has limited my mobility somewhat, but not my ability to connect face to face with the world, and give my all for the good of the people and organizations I serve. I am committed to using and teaching others to use virtual technology (WebEx for the time being) to connect, accomplish the results they want in their lives, and to become a more productive contribution to themselves and the world.

How can virtual collaboration help you get more connected and productive?

Finding Advantage Through Disadvantage

There was a time, not too many years ago, when I was a high and mighty senior consultant in Corporate Canada. I had not broken into the realm of management, and I seemed to be always focusing my attention on getting the role as manager, which would put me where I thought I belonged.

One problem – I was lost in the complaints of a victim who perceived herself to be kept out of management by biased, jealous, and unfair superiors. I was guided by the hypocritical smiles of my victimhood, the perception that I was a better team leader, a better presenter, a better designer, and better motivator than managers ahead of me.

My focus rarely rested on, my greatest vision, helping staff become the very best of themselves. I gave words, not action, towards my vision of superior development for professionals, support staff and the like. I was lost in my complaint. I was lost in my victimhood. I was lost!

Fast forward to today. On the other side of a long and difficult journey through severe stress, stroke and healing, I no longer live in the shadows of victimhood. I no longer hang out at the doorway of position and status. I finally understand, that to truly serve others, and help them get what they need to be successful, they have to be my focus.

One of my greatest loves lately has been the volunteer work I have been doing for a few hours in the Stroke Unit at McKenzie Health Hospital. Posting notices, pushing wheelchairs, conducting surveys, organizing information and doing friendly visits certainly do not lead to the grand position I once craved. Yet this has given me much more.

Nothing can replace the appreciation I have seen on patients faces, when I tell them that I was where they are.  Nothing can replace the hope that I see when I share genuine pleasure for the progress that I see in just a week or two. Nothing can replace the warmth that I feel when I sit for a friendly visit, listening to the experiences of stroke which confuse them, and consoling them with my experience of the gradual healing which comes with effort, time and a positive attitude.

What is seen as my disadvantage became my greatest advantage. Helping people become the best of themselves was not a part of my craving and fighting for even more status. For me, it was in diminishing my ego, and dropping myself to the level of the people I serve; in so doing, I was able to reap the advantage of truly being with them face to face, truly impacting their lives and my own. In my disadvantage, I found the advantage of seeing my vision as it is fulfilled.

Obama and Social Media: The Key to Our Success

This picture tweeted by Barack Obama’s campaign, shortly after he was declared winner of the 2012 elections, broke the record for the most re-tweeted tweet of all time, surpassing Justin Bieber!

The tweet shows a main reason for Obama’s and our own victory, if we are really ready to take social media seriously. He shows the world how to attract the attention of the social media crowd and engage them with the attention, hope, visual activity and romance they both love and need.

Obama’s team is a master of social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit. I use all but Reddit. I had heard about Reddit, but my interest never piqued, until I read how Obama used it as a way to put out a message, engage voters, and answer their questions. This lead me to look up Reddit discussion topics in my area of interest, and saw that it is a promising place to get involved in discussions, look up information and write articles focused on some of my messages and initiatives.

If I wasn’t before, I am now clear that it is not enough to dabble in these powerful social media tools. Real success, real application of the power of social media takes strategic planning around a message, conscious effort to gain followers and hard work to produce results.

For me, this means a renewed and more powerful effort around social media, starting with my strategic plan. In my next post I will provide information around developing an effective social media plan. If you have a plan, feel free to share your strategies.

How Life Constipates us Until We Remember Our Unique Gifts to The World

There are no accidents or coincidences in the universe.

A couple of weeks ago, without any shame at all, I wrote about my battle with severe constipation. I knew the constipation was not about my body; I am a healthy eating freak. I knew it was about some life message that I could not interpret. So I prayed for the uncovering of that message. It came to me that I should apply to a hospital in my region for a volunteer position working with stroke survivors. I immediately called. The lady on the phone said, ‘we cannot guarantee you will work with stroke survivors.’ Then she turns to the director of volunteers, who must have been standing near her, to back-up what she told me. ‘Actually,’ said the director, ‘we just got a position in for stroke!’

Life takes you where you need to go, tells you what you need to hear and shows you what you need to see.

Since I connected with the hospital, life has been moving me like a bolt of lightning. Within one week I completed the application, wrote a specified cover letter and obtained several references. The morning after I emailed the application I was asked to come in two days later for what I thought would be an interview. That same day I got my uniform, did my police check, and was scheduled for the orientation which is tomorrow.

Here is the incredible part of the story, the position includes meeting with stroke patients, managing information resources and helping them to get to appointments.  It seemed an amazing fit, given that I have a master degree in information science, years of professional experience working with people, and I am an ardent stroke survivor. But what was really important is that the position ignited my passion for what I am really here to do for the world, and reminded me how I had let my unique gifts fade silently to the background of my life.

Sitting at my computer all day long, I was doing very little of what my life is about. How can I enjoy doing anything with passion and power if I am not doing (right here, right now) what my life is about? How can I write, how can I develop virtual learning resources, if I am not motivating others, sharing information or taking people where I know they want to go? No wonder I was physically constipated for days and days, and spiritually constipated for longer than I can say.

Sharing your unique life gifts is your laxative. It eliminates the wastes within you and illuminates the blessings that you are to the world. Perhaps most importantly, it give a sense of peace and fulfilment. Your gifts are like drugs, which can cause calm and even euphoria throughout your body.

Keep your gifts to this world at the forefront of your life.

Write  your own special gift to this world, and put it where you can see it on a daily basis. This has to be something that fuels your heart, something that you love and freely give to the world. You may or may not be making money from your gifts; regardless you need to do it for it is your reason for living.

As an example, here is my statement of what I do for life.

‘I motivate people to rise above their circumstances, take them where they need to go for healing, and contribute to their learning and spiritual growth.’

Once you write it down, put it where you can see it on a daily basis. Make sure you are acting on it each day.  Make a vow to centre your life around what you are here to do for life.

You may find it useful to share what happens when you are living, with emphasis on sharing those special gifts inside of you. What happens when you are not? With me it was severe constipation. What physical or emotional problems show up in your life?