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Success in the Face of Failure and Illness

Many of you know I have been re-writing The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill, and sharing some of my early drafts with you. As I was working on Chapter 11, I heard a powerful message within me.

Your purpose is not to make the success principles of the great Napoleon Hill more accessible to others. It is to tell your incredible story, using the success principles of Napoleon Hill, so others can witness a true path to achieving their deepest desires.

Declare Failure and Start Over

Put bluntly, my purpose is to give you a part of my soul! I must declare what I have done thus far, as a failure – not a failure to succeed, for failure is interlocked with success. I declare what I have done a failure to touch you deep in your heart and in your gut, so much so that it moves you to action. I want you to find, like I have found, the incredible success that can come with failure and sickness; for failure and sickness can destroy our bodies and minds, or they can build us up more magnificently than ever before.

Many years ago I thought I was a failure. I was a disappointment to myself, because I had not reached the management level or made the money everyone thought I would. I felt like the high school diva, labelled most likely to succeed, but who got absolutely nowhere. Sure I got to the senior professional level; but I was supposed to be like Oprah! Wasn’t I?

My frustration was a definite factor in my having a stroke.  Now I was not only a failure, I was a middle-aged woman, struck with a serious illness. This is the point, where a lot of people give up. For me, it was the time I woke up. I woke up to myself, my failures and to my success.

My greatest success is the re-energizing of my life, which has me doing and achieving that which was previously out of my reach. This is the space in which I now find myself, despite being led by medical personnel to believe that I would be permanently disabled, wheelchair bound, and never able to work for the rest of my life. Four years after my stroke, I walk with a limp and cane; more importantly I am working, creating, and literally dancing, while still healing, body, mind and spirit.

Finding The Success Within Your Reach

The same process that led to my seemingly miraculous healing is causing success in all aspects of my life. How did I complete an entrepreneur program, start a business, get contracts for my business, and receive an award while still considered physically and mentally disabled? How did I start a successful Young Stroke Survivor Group? How was I selected to be a member of a leadership council in my church?

I looked deep inside me, connected with a higher power, asked myself these same questions and I found Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success. I saw that all I desired was not only possible, they were within my reach. I saw the gift of my failure and my illness, because they brought me to a doorway of success, which I had never seen before.

All that you want is within your reach. I will show you how I achieved what was proclaimed impossible four years ago, and I will use Napoleon Hill’s lifetime work, his twenty plus years of research to teach the laws that propels my success.

That is not to say I will not fail or be sick again, as I work to get across the point that we can all achieve our greatest desires, for we are the only ones standing in the way of our success. But each of my instances of failure and sickness is my gift, for  they reveal a new secret to reaching my goal of connecting with you, reaching you with the facts that you need to go sure-footedly on your way to accomplishing your dreams.

So I start over with the marriage of my story with the success laws of the late Napoleon Hill. Will you join your dream of success, your desire to achieve your great purpose, with our life purpose to teach you how?

Law of Success: Getting Ready to Achieve Your Life Aim

Next week I will begin Lesson 1 of my series on the “Law of Success” based on Napoleon’s masterpiece by the same title. As promised, you give me just 10 minutes each week and I will show you how to achieve your dreams.

I have a personal connection to this teaching, which I must make clear. While this is about business and financial success, it is also about being of service in the world, following the laws of good. When I found myself in the hospital some years ago, rendered virtually immobile after a stroke, yet still living, I was haunted by 2 questions:

  • who am I, and
  • what is my purpose?

I received my answers, which I heard clearly, yet I heard no sound! It is as though God spoke into my head, and said clear as day:

  • You are love
  • Share your story with the world

It is that love within me that has me adapt 1000+ pages of Hill’s lessons, and put them in a format that people who are committed to doing good will understand. It is divine love that brought me to these lessons, without searching for them. It is that same love that has me leading the ‘Law of Success’ as an on-line program, and seeing great shifts even within myself.

Each of the principles of success, mentioned in each lesson can be connected to some divine law (such as written in the Bible). Though Napoleon Hill came off more like a scientology kind of guy, his purpose or commitment to teaching people about the link between treating each other with love and fairness, is obvious, even if not clearly stated.

Most importantly, know that these lessons are proven principles of life. Napoleon proved these laws though research with thousands of successful people, the likes of Ford, known as the American inventor of the automobile and the greatest business man of his time.

I have experienced the Laws of Success to be true, and absolutely magical when mastered. I have seen this in my 32 years as an adult, almost as many years as a professional, and a life time striving to realize the good that is within me.

But as we say, words mean nothing without action that lead to some real result. So I invite you next week onto my ‘field of dreams.’ If you can commit 10 minutes to learn a lesson each week and then apply what you have learned, you will make a major shift in achieving your dreams. I will give you the information. It will be up to you to use it.

Master Mind or God

The term “master mind” has been around since Napoleon wrote about it in the early 1900’s. He spoke about it as a scientific principle. However, I see it as explaining God in a scientific way.

I see “master mind” as a paraphrase of the biblical passage, Matthew 18:20, which states:

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.

When we gather in a space of common understanding and  living life in a spirit of harmony with the laws of nature and with each other, we cause the master mind of God to manifest within us. Miracles happen. However, this does not necessarily mean miracle, as many traditionally understand it.

In my recovery from the stroke, I joined many master minds, created by my family, my church, and the government. I sensed the presence of harmony, not by being in opposition to what happened, but by being with what is. Here I could listen to, and act upon the messages of miraculous healing. The miracle and the healing were the unblocking of my mind that awakened me to my life purpose,  the harmony around me, and the divine principles  of God (or science, as some prefer to say).

I believe we use the term master mind because we wish to separate business, money, and social matters from spirituality and religion. Yet when we create a harmonious master mind, we are surely beckoning  our minds to act as one (to give us the guidance of God) in money, in business, in social matters, and so on.

It is interesting that master minds have become so popular in recent years. Could this be a sign of reawakening to God?