Never Give Up

Many of you may be old enough to have witnessed the story of Olympic gold medal hopeful,  Derrick Redmond, who tore his hamstring during the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, and destroyed his dreams of winning a medal. He did, nonetheless, do what many of us only dream of. He brought the Olympic stadium, all those who watched on television, and millions who watched since then, to their feet, as he did what was probably the most courageous act of his life.

Even if you have already seen this live or seen the video, it’s worth watching; if only to remind us of the miraculous power that drives us and causes extraordinary results.


Sometime You Need to Acknowledge What’s In Front of You In Order To Move Forward

front cover -c-blogIt’s not easy achieving what we want; and not because of the amount of work we have to do. We struggle because we are so focused on the end product, we don’t acknowledge the gifts right in front of us.

I didn’t have the money, people resources or faith required to get the collaboration needed to finish my book. It wasn’t until I began to have faith, opened my mouth and focused my thoughts that a force beyond me interceded, and the right people came. Content, editing, art, and layout support were lovingly contributed by  Melissa, Rob, Alexis, Ashley, Ashante and Scott. I needed to acknowledge these amazing gifts and givers before taking the next step forward.

The book is finally set to be released next week! For now, I am sharing the front cover and a draft of the back cover. I would love to hear your thoughts.


Sometimes We Just Need to Slow Down

Sometimes we do everything we can to finish a project; yet there is always something stopping us.  In cases like this, life may just be showing us that we need to slow down or ease-up, to see the gift it is offering.

This is the case with the book I’ve been trying to complete forever! I posted the cover. A trusted friend said the cover needed improvement; so he referred me to another gentleman, who has experience in graphics and layout. After going over my book, that man told me “you’re not done yet!”

In setting a mood for my story, he noticed my strong desire, yet minimal effort, to include graphics and visual art. Real art work is something I had avoided because I have petty much no talent for drawing. Plus, I made it up that it was hard to find someone to do it, and this would slow me down!

I finally realized that I had to slow down, for this amazing story I am telling is not my story! I only had to see that I was not alone, decide that I really wanted quality art and layout, and reach for what I wanted, for the people I needed to show up. 

This experience helped me realize that this is a story of the many people, with whom I joyously serve, and spread love throughout the world. It is the story of the artist, the editors, and many others who are on my team; people who are helping me tell our story to the very best of my ability. It is a story of the divine force that have taken me where I am, and give me a reason for living, for creating. 

I am now looking at early April for our completion date. Regardless, the date is not all that important, for I have slowed down to enjoy these finishing stages and the awesome people with whom I am taking this journey.

Get Connected, Get productive – Mobility Not Required

Yesterday I had a wonderful meeting in my home office, with my Pajama-pants on, and no make-up. In this disorderly state, I was hesitant to poke my head outside, for fear that someone I know would see me. Fortunately, the members of my Church’s Communication Commission, with whom I was meeting virtually on WebEx, couldn’t see much below my shoulders; and if they could, I believe they wouldn’t care.

You see, we were connecting and getting some serious work done. Best of all, we did not have to take one step out of the convenience of our homes.

Below is shown the meeting window, with our agenda on PowerPoint, list of participants and a picture of me on Webcam (whenever someone speaks, he or she is shown on the screen).


Meeting for approximately one hour, we accomplished various tasks. This included decided on a name for a newsletter and completely planning the first issue. Plus we had ample time to check-in with each other.

Just about everyone seems limited by time, money, transportation or mobility. That is certainly one reason why virtual collaboration is slowly taking over the world.

A stoke has limited my mobility somewhat, but not my ability to connect face to face with the world, and give my all for the good of the people and organizations I serve. I am committed to using and teaching others to use virtual technology (WebEx for the time being) to connect, accomplish the results they want in their lives, and to become a more productive contribution to themselves and the world.

How can virtual collaboration help you get more connected and productive?

Keep Knocking and the Doors Will Open

I become confident and show confidence when I know that I have access to whatever I need to get what I desire, and am willing to do the work to get it.

We all have access to any reasonable thing we want. However, seeing that access often requires a shift in mindset.

One of my biggest doubts, since recovering from the stroke, has been about my ability to access individuals and organizations to get contracts in my field of human resource development. I am particularly interested in those needing live web-based learning and collaboration opportunities; that is, those seeking the benefit of remote access to individual and organizational development from home, office, or anywhere around the world.

To overcome doubts that I could get access to such individuals and organizations, I had to do some serious work on my mind. I had to believe that I have a gateway to employers requiring remote learning and collaboration services, and turn my mind from the general pre-condition to doubt and see that access.

I had to realize that if I keep on saying ‘I don’t have a way in,’ all I will see is ‘I don’t have a way in.’ Therefore, I have to keep on saying, ‘I have an entrance to organizations looking for services related to live web-based learning and collaboration;’ and my mind will show me that access.

My mind begins by reminding me that I know many people and people make up organizations. It tells me that I have to knock on a whole bunch of doors, talk to lots of people, and revise my strategy before access to the right organization manifests. In addition, it may take time, but the right organizations are there for me to discover and enter. I just have to believe, do the work, and I will get what I want.

I have not yet done much knocking on doors or talking to people. However, I have been doing the work around skill development, believing ‘I have access’ to the people I need to be the success God wants me to be, and eliminating doubt. As a result, I am becoming known (in my circle) as the go-to person for web-based learning and communication. I already have 2 video-conferencing and collaboration projects on the go. In addition, I have taken on related leadership roles at my church and the International Black Summit. Both of these initiatives provide great opportunities for contributing to the development of remote services that could be accessed by hundreds of people using teleconference and video-based web-conferencing.

You are part of my connections, my access to the world. Do you, as well as people or organizations that you know off, want to deliver live web-based learning, meetings, brainstorming sessions, etc., which can be access from anywhere (office, home, etc.)? What would be the benefit?.

When Others Frustrate You – The Gift

The faults I see in others are a reflection of my own being, giving me a chance to see myself.

As I ready myself for this year’s experience and facilitation of the International Black Summit (Summit) in Alabama, I find myself increasingly passionate about what I want to give the world. With all this passion jumping around inside my body, I was really excited about participating on a teleconference, led by Kat, a Summit facilitator who for me is the epitome of world class facilitation.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to access the conference calls, due to a block by my Canadian telephone service provider. So, like an unthinking bull dog, I took to my keyboard and barked my dissatisfaction to all facilitators.

Here are the snarky thoughts, which were plaguing me. “‘They (meaning my American counterparts) are excluding others. They need to come up with a conference number that works for the world, if they want the world to be a part of their organization!” Once I recognized this segregating thought and its ugliness, I was able to recognize my exclusion of others.

One thing I became conscious of through the Summit, is that when I begin to pull my hair out because of frustration with a fault I think I see in someone else, that fault is in ME. Therefore the question for me was:  ‘how and where have I been excluding others in my life.’

The answer is, I had separated myself  by speaking of the inability to access the conference call as a Dawn problem as opposed to a Summit opportunity. In addition, I was passionate about accessing a learning opportunity, from which I felt blocked; as a result, my sharply critical and blaming communications came off like a skunk, and drove others away.

With this new insight percolating inside me, I spoke to a representative from the March of Dimes (MOD) about possibilities for using web conferencing to enhance MOD’s employment and peer-support programs. My focus was on working with others at MOD to enhance their existing programs. It was not about me, and it was an optimistic and inclusive conversation. The representative shared what they were up to regarding virtual support, gave me 3 contact names with emails, and asked me to keep her informed.

Already different things are starting to show up in my life. For the 2013 Summit, I am declaring my commitment to working with other facilitators to ensure the Summit’s communication efforts are accessible internationally.  I have no problem. We have an opportunity.

What about you? Is there something you are finding fault with or complaining about? Ask yourself if that fault or issue is within you? Don’t answer quickly. Take time to reflect; a day or more if you need to. What do you see? What is the opportunity?


Getting Expert On-line Marketing Expertise for Cheap

No one ever achieved great wealth in business without co-operation. So if we want to be successful, including earning a lot of money, we need to work on  something great together.

In the following presentation, I would like to share with you an intriguing collaborative idea. If you are like me and you feel the urgency of developing your on-line presence, you may find my idea compelling. I would love to get your feedback.

This idea was inspired in my writing of Chapter 13 on Cooperation, in  Law of Success. I have lots more to share on this topic.